NVIDIA Geforce Experience won’t open in Windows 10

Nvidia Geforce experience won’t open Windows 10 is actually the common issue that is always happened. However, you may not be worried because in fact there are several different methods that you can use to solve this problem. Just try the method that suits you the most to overcome this issue.

NVIDIA Geforce Experience wont open in Windows 10

What happened is that some users reported that the Geforce experience won’t Windows 10. I know that it is annoying. To solve that issue, read the article below and ensure that you try the different methods to find the best solution.

Windows is the operating system that is mostly used in this world. That is why; the issues that are happened or faced by the users are varied. The Geforce experience issue is one of the issues. Below are some solutions that you can try to solve the Geforce experience won’t open Windows 10.

What is the ‘Geforce Experience’?

Geforce Experience is the application or the supplementary program that uses the GTX Graphics Card. This program or application can make the users share tons of experiences related with the gaming, help the timely and regular update of the drivers, provides the maximum settings for the gaming program and many more again.

Actually, there are several causes that we can say as the main factor of why the Geforce experience won’t open Windows 10 is. Below are the three main causes that make the Geforce experience will not open:

  1. The corrupt software was installed
  2. No driver that is installed for the Geforce installed version
  3. The hardware issues

By knowing the causes you will be easier to find the right method to fix the Geforce experience won’t open Windows 10. It will save your time and money more than trying the useless methods.

How to solve the Geforce experience won’t open Windows 10 Problem

Basically, solving the Geforce experience won’t open Windows 10 issues is not the herculean thing. You just need to follow some simple steps to solve the issue. Below are some of the methods that you can try right now.


METHOD 1: Enabling the Service of Geforce Experience

The service of Geforce Experience takes the main role for the Geforce program running in your computer system. That is why; if you have the Geforce experience won’t open Windows 10 problem, it is maybe because of the failure of the Geforce experience service. For enabling that service manually, here are some steps that you can do:

  1. First of all, open the run command. You can press the windows key + R together for doing that.
  2. Type service.msc in order to open the Service window
  3. In that Service Window, look for the Geforce Experience Service
  4. After that, right click on that icon and then choose the Restart option.
  5. The last step is restarting the application and then check again for that issue

Usually, the Geforce experience won’t open Windows 10 problem can be solved by doing the enable or re-enabled the Geforce experience service. You can try this first method above to solve the issue, but it is not worked well, you can try the other solutions or methods below.


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METHOD 2: Checking the Graphics Card Driver

For your information, the Graphic Card Driver has the important role in the Geforce experience. If you don’t have that driver installed on your computer system, it can be the cause of the Geforce experience won’t open Windows 10 issue. That is why; in some cases you maybe need to un-install and re-install the Graphic Card Driver. To do so, below are the instructions that you can follow:

  1. First of all, you have to open the Run command by pressing the R button and the Windows Key together.
  2. The second step to do is typing the devmgmt.msc to open the “Device Management Window”
  3. If you have already installed the Graphics Card Drivers, you can choose the Display Adapters and then choose the GeForce
  4. After that, un-install the Geforce Driver
  5. The next step is opening the Geforce official website and then you can download the latest version of that driver
  6. Try to install the new driver and after that restart your computer

That is the second method that you can try to solve the Geforce experience won’t open Windows 10 issue.


METHOD 3: Updating the Operating System

Actually using the updated version of the software is important. Unfortunately, it is not becoming the habits for most of the users. If you use the obsolete operating system, it will make the latest driver is incompatible and it may cause the Geforce experience won’t open Windows 10 problem. That is why; there are just 2 choices that you have:

  1. If you want to continue with the latest driver software, you have to update the operating system. It will save you from some issues.
  2. If you want to continue with the obsolete operating system, you can uninstall the driver and then install the obsolete version. This is the instant solution and it is addressed as the short-term fix.

Maybe this third method is the perfect solution for you.


METHOD 4: Checking for the Issues with the Hardware

Using the incompatible hardware with the program can be the significant cause of some problems included the Geforce experience won’t open Windows 10 issue. For keeping the good health of your computer and maintaining the stability of your computer system, you must use the compatible software and hardware. For solving the error, you can check the RAM, the graphics card, and many other things again. We can say that this way is really required. If you are done in checking all the things, there is a huge possibility where you will not face the Geforce experience won’t open Windows 10 again.

Those are some methods that can be your references for solving the Geforce experience won’t open Windows 10 issue. If a method is not working, you can try the other methods that are described above to find the right method for you.

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