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Mobile Gaming In India - Then & Now! | Tech Talks

Though smartphones have been around since a long time, true touch screen devices gained popularity after the release of the first generation iPhone in 2007. After the release of the iPhone, smartphones became very popular all over the world. They were like pocket computers which allowed users to browse the web, read documents, watch videos and take photos right from their smartphones.

Thanks to the ever increasing processing power of mobile CPU's and GPU's, they also became a portable gaming machine.
Mobile Gaming In India - Then & Now! | Tech Talks

However, in India, it wasn't that smooth of a sailing for smartphones in India.

Initially smartphones were very expensive and it was not until budget smartphones brands like Xiaomi arrived, that smartphones became popular in India.

And now, India is not just a huge market for smartphones, it is also a huge market for mobile gaming thanks to some amazingly powerful devices available at reasonable prices.

In this article, I will talk about how powerful yet cheaper smartphones have changed the landscape of mobile gaming in India.

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Tech Talks

Mobile Gaming in India

Ever since the arrival of smartphones, gaming apps have been available for the users to play. The ability to play fun engaging games on a device that you can easily carry in your pocket, was a great feature for the users. 

Some of the games like Angry Birds & Candy Crush captured the attention of the smartphone users in a big way and became huge hits.

Though these games were real fun and allowed even non-gamers to enjoy and have a good time, pro-gamers were still not convinced about the smartphones being a gaming device. They felt that smartphones were not powerful enough to run high end graphics intensive games.

However, with the ever increasing power of the mobile CPU's and GPU's, things have taken a huge turn. The smartphones now are able to run high end graphics intensive and complex games very fluidly. they have engaging details and game play, enough to catch the attention of even the most professional gamers.

There are so many great games, now available for smartphones, like PUBG, Fortnite and Call Of Duty.

These games, however, require high end CPU's and GPU's to run well which for a long time were only found in expensive flagship devices. But things have changed now. Even cheaper mid-range smartphones are now available with flagship chipsets to run these games amazingly well.

Take a Look at Poco F1 & Honor Play!

These 2 devices are available for around Rs 20,000/- in India and offer flagship chipsets. This allows to run the most demanding games with ease without costing as much as flagship devices. They have changed the way mobile gaming is viewed in India.

Before 2018, most people in India had to be content playing regular games on under powered devices. But now, they have the option to buy smartphones that don't cost much but still allow them to play high end games well.

Not just these devices, many devices costing under Rs 20,000 now run on chipsets like Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 and Snapdragon 670 which are extremely powerful when compared to they predecessors. They are more than capable to run all these heavy games with ease.

Final Thoughts

The Indian smartphone market itself was pretty underwhelming up until a few years ago. However, thanks to the arrival of cheaper value for money phones, things took a different turn and India became one of the most growing smartphone market in the world.

And now, with the launch of cheaper yet powerful smartphones, the smartphone gaming in India is reaching new heights as well.

Devices like Poco F1 and Honor Play have changed the landscape of mobile gaming in India and it will only keep getting better from here. It definitely the start of the best time for the Indian Consumers.

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