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LG Smartphones - Huge Potential but Disappointing | Tech Talks

LG has been in the smartphone business for a very long time. Many of us, especially in India, may not be aware of this fact that LG is a huge South Korean corporation that is active in several business verticals. And smartphone business is one such vertical where LG has been active for a long time.

Ever since Android came out as an alternative, and competitor, to iOS LG has been launching some really great smartphones.
LG Smartphones - Huge Potential but Disappointing | Tech Talks

With its premium G series Android phones, LG gave a tough competition to Samsung and Sony in the premium Android smartphone market. Its LG G4 was one of the best Android smartphones of its time.

However, LG seems to have lost its mojo nowadays. Despite launching devices with great potential, it is losing customers and has been getting disappointing sales.

In this article, I wish to share my views and opinions on why LG smartphones are disappointing, despite having such a huge potential.

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LG Smartphones - Then

I still remember the time when LG smartphones posed a solid competition to Samsung in the premium Android Smartphone category. At that time, Samsung, LG, HTC and Sony were the only known brands in the premium segment.

LG always stood out from the crowd with its unique design approach, amazing LCD displays and One of the best smartphone cameras at the time.

LG was amongst the first OEM's to offer Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) and fast f/1.8 lens in their smartphone cameras.

It was a great breakthrough at that time. LG also among the first smartphone manufacturers to offer full manual controls in its camera app. The manual camera app was well laid out and very easy to use, much better than the competition.

LG always tried to push the boundaries when it came to their smartphones. If you look at their smartphones, their G series actually started the minimal bezel trend. They always had built-in audio DAC for better sound outputs. Their cameras were amazing.

LG Smartphones

With the LG G5, they offered a dual camera system, but with the second lens as a wide angle lens. And every travel photographer would agree that the wider lens offers much more creative flexibility while taking photos.

Other OEM's now implementing wide angle lens as a third lens is a testament to the fact that LG was right all those years ago.

LG Smartphones - Now

Due to ever-mounting competitive pressure from Chinese OEM's like OnePlus and Xiaomi, LG has found it hard to sell its smartphones. Even Samsung, which was the leader in Android Smartphones sales, has dropped behind the Chinese competitors.

It's not that LG smartphones are bad! 

In fact, they are quite amazing devices. They offer amazing technologies, some of which are breakthrough and specialities of LG.

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However, when it comes to the experience as a whole, and the value for money factor, LG smartphones fall behind. And this has been true now for so many years.

It started with LG G5. Though the smartphone was a very solid device with latest specifications and an amazing camera, thanks to the modular design, it looks ugly in comparison to the competition. Hence it couldn't sell well.

LG G6 was a great upgrade over LG G5 but it shipped with a weaker chipset (Snapdragon 821 in the year of Snapdragon 835) and again couldn't sell very well.

And this year, LG G7, despite being a very capable smartphone is finding it hard to sell because OnePlus 6 & 6T are better and cheaper than it. And for those looking for branded smartphones, a Samsung S9 or S9+ makes much more sense.

Final Thoughts

It is heartening to see LG faltering with their smartphones, which are actually very capable. In my OnePlus 6T and LG G7 comparison article, I clearly have shown that LG G7 is a very capable device.

However, a few wrong decisions on LG's part make their devices fall just short of the RECOMMENDED tag every year.

Sometimes, its the processor, sometimes the battery and sometimes the design. In a bid to improve their sales, they have launched multiple lines of smartphones, the G series, the V series and AI camera and what not.

And if that was not all, they have been pricing their smartphones on the higher side for the past few years. I agree they are adding cutting-edge technologies, but to stand out of the crowd, the phone needs a WOW factor like an affordable price, which is lacking.

All this has just alienated its potential customers, who find it easier to choose a Galaxy or a Xiaomi or a OnePlus.

Being an owner of LG G5, I personally feel sad to see LG go down like this. They are a company with so much potential. Yet, every year, all they do is disappoint!

What do you think? Do you Agree?

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