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Is Apple Slowing down your iPhone? | Tech Talks

The recent rollout of iOS 12.1, by Apple, saw the release of a very controversial feature to the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X - Performance Management.

This has led again to the controversy that Apple is deliberately slowing down its smartphones to drive users to buy newer devices to keep their sales intact.

Since smartphone sales have peaked, Apple (allegedly) is pushing people to upgrade by breaking their existing devices.
Is Apple Slowing down your iPhone? | Tech Talks

But is it really the truth? Or is there more to it than meets the eye!

Let's find out in this article.

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Apple Slowing down your iPhone?

Yes, and No!

I would definitely be wrong if I said that Apple is not slowing down your device over time. That's because it's actually the truth. But the reality is not what you might think it is. There is a lot more going on behind the back and it's very important for all of us to know. 

Performance Management

Apple, a few months back, had been accused of slowing down the processor's performance of older iPhones. In its defence, Apple had stated that this was done to preserve battery life and avoid unexpected shutdowns on old iPhones.

This is true to quite an extent since current Lithium-Ion batteries tend to lose their original capacity with age and can shut down unexpectedly when subjected to sudden peak power demands.

With the mobile processors, especially Apple's A-series chips used in iPhones and iPads, gaining performance abilities at a humongous rate it only makes sense that when such powerful processors demand huge power from old and weak batteries, they will fail and shut down.

Such abrupt shut down can cause hardware failure as well as poor user experience.

Hence Apple chose to lower the clock speeds of its processors when the battery health dropped below a certain level. So technically, it did slow down your iPhone. But it didn't do this because it wanted people to buy new phones. On the contrary, you could very well get your battery replaced for much cheaper cost from Apple itself.

Apple only did this to maintain the user experience and safeguard the smartphone hardware from sudden shutdowns.

What was wrong, on Apple's part, is that it chose not to reveal this to its users. It should have informed this to its customers and given an option to turn this feature off if required, which it finally gave.

Now, with iOS 12.1 this feature has been rolled out to iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X which are only a year old, and the so-called tech critics are again raising a non-issue of Apple slowing down one-year-old iPhones.

So is Apple slowing down these phones so soon?

Of course not! Apple has just rolled out this feature as a safety net so that if any of these devices suffer from a battery issue, the OS can take care of the underlying hardware.

By default, if your battery health is over 80%, which is mostly the case for the first 2 years of the life of the device, the feature doesn't even kick in. In rare cases, the battery may misbehave and lose its capacity within a year. In such a case, this feature will allow OS to safeguard the phone from unexpected shutdowns and you can also get your iPhone battery replaced from Apple.

Final Thoughts

Devices that last 5-6 years, and receive software updates for as many years, is a huge selling point for Apple. It's a feature no other company can boast of. Hence, slowing down your devices on purpose makes no sense for Apple as it would anger their customers and erode the customer satisfaction in their products.

Take a look at iOS 12. Apple could have easily gone for a redesign and made iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 slower thanks to a processor heavy redesigned OS. But it chose to improve the performance of iOS. It fine-tuned the OS so that it would run super fast on 5-6-year-old iPhone 5S. 

This shows that Apple cares for its users who still want to stick with such old iPhones. It has made them fast and usable again. The iPhone 5S users (like myself) can continue using the device until we really feel the need to upgrade to a new iPhone.

It is just that every time Apple does something, a controversy has to stir up. Apple is such a huge and successful company now that people want points to be blown up as issues against it. Any news about Apple becomes breaking news.

Yes, Apple is not perfect!

But then, No company is!

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