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Google Pixel 4 - Google needs a custom Processor! | Tech Talks

Google Pixel smartphone lineup has been Google's attempt at trying to sell its custom Hardware and Software Experience, just like Apple. However, even with its third generation devices (Google Pixel 3 and 3XL). Google has failed to provide a quality and bug-free experience.

The Pixel smartphones are riddled with software bugs and glitches and are not selling well!

Google Pixel 4 - Google needs a custom Processor! | Tech Talks

Despite all the limitations that Apple's iOS mobile operating system has when compared to Android, Apple's iOS running devices like iPhones and iPads sell like hot cakes. This is because Apple has long focussed on providing a great software and hardware experience that just works. They do this by designing the hardware components, like mobile processors, in-house.

Some other companies like Samsung and Huawei are also doing this and, I believe, Google needs to do this as well if it wants its Pixel smartphones to sell well going forward.

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Custom Hardware

Currently, most Android OEM's use Qualcomm's Snapdragon processors in their smartphones. 

These processors, though powerful, are built to support a wide variety of hardware and software configurations. This makes them unoptimised for a specific device and the device using them is not able to perform as well as it theoretically could.

Google Pixel 4 - Google needs a custom Processor! | Tech Talks

Let's understand it this way.

Just imagine the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor as an Engine that can be fitted into a 2 wheeler, a 4 Wheeler, a train as well as a truck.

This means that the engine has been designed to work with any vehicle it is fitted in.

However, this also means that the engine is not good at anything specific. It is neither optimised to deliver fast acceleration to the 2 wheeler and 4 wheeler, not is it optimised to give extra power to the truck and the train.

So neither of the vehicles is able to perform as well as it should.

When Apple designs its own processor, it only has to keep in mind the requirements of its operating system - iOS. In terms of the above example, it designs the engine according to the 2-3 cars it designs.

This helps Apple fine-tune its processor to excel at tasks which iOS requires.

Nowadays, even Samsung and Huawei use their custom processors in their Android Smartphones. The custom Kirin processors have allowed Huawei to deliver amazing performance in their smartphones.

Similarly, Exynos processors have allowed Samsung to provide better performance in their smartphones. At a time, when Snapdragon 810 (Qualcomm's first 64-bit processor) was dealing with heating issues, Samsung's Exynos and Huawei's Kirin were leading the way with better performance.

This just shows how important custom processors are!

Google Pixel 4

Google, with its Pixel smartphone lineup, has also been trying to enter the custom processor space. It has been adding its custom-designed ISP chip, called the Pixel Visual Core, inside the Snapdragon processor.

With the Pixel 3 this year, it also added its Titan M chip for security.

However, it has not been able to create a complete chipset like Apple, Huawei and Samsung. This has definitely affected its smartphones.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, used in this year's Pixel 3 and 3 XL have been underclocked and do not deliver as good performance as other devices using that chip like the OnePlus 6T. And even with this underclocked CPU, the Google Pixel 3 and 3XL face heating issues.

The processor is definitely affecting the Pixel Smartphones, which otherwise have a lot of potentials.

Google really needs to up their game in this department. For 3 years in a row, their smartphones have failed to impress the general public, which are the real customers who make a product successful.

And I believe this is definitely quite a bit due to the chipset. If Google has to make the Pixel 4 stand out and be successful;, it has to work hard and come up with its own designed hardware that helps it bring forth its Android experience in the best possible way.

Final Thoughts

As much as Tech YouTubers talk positive about the Pixel smartphones, its a fact that these smartphones don't sell well outside of the Youtube community.

Even the youtube community itself doesn't buy these smartphones. They get them for free and hence they can be biased.

If Google wants to replicate the success of Apple, Samsung and Huawei in hardware, then it has to focus its attention on designing its own chipset and using it in its smartphones.

I am sure, once Google starts doing this, its devices will definitely start doing well.

Till, then, Pixels will continue to fail!

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