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How to restart your iPhone without power button | Tech Tips

We all love using our iPhone's don't we!

Though iOS still lacks some basic and very useful features like File Manager, Safari downloads etc, it is still one of the most popular and widely loved mobile operating systems in the world. No wonder Apple sells millions of iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) every year.

Though there are plenty of small nifty features that iOS lacks, there is one feature whose omission really surprises me...

Restart button in iPhone!

Almost all Android phones that I have used till now (I have used many), every one of it has had a dedicated Restart button in the power menu of the OS. Desktop OSs have had it forever. Even Apple's macOS has it.

It then comes as a surprise that Apple has failed to provide it in iOS. I agree that similar functionality can be achieved by powering down the iPhone and then powering it back on using the dedicated power button. But if you look at the complete process, it is 2 separate steps that one needs to perform. Whereas, with a restart button, one can reboot the device with just one click.

Also, what if the power button on your iPhone goes bust? How will you restart then?

Well, you don't need to worry. Because I know of a way to add the restart button within your reach for easy access. Just follow along with me through this article.

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Restart your iPhone without Power Button

Apple has provided functionality to have a restart button on your iPhone. However, it neither promotes it, not it makes it obvious.

I, however, will explain in detail on how to set it up and use. Just follow the steps mentioned below. You can refer the screenshots for added clarity. You can also use the same step on your iPad.

Step 1

The first step in this guide is to open the settings app on your iPhone. Just locate the settings app on your iPhone and tap it to open.

Step 2

Now find the General settings option. Tap it to open its sub-menu.

How to restart your iPhone | Tech Tips

Scroll down and find the option that reads Accessibility. Tap on it to open its sub-menu.

How to restart your iPhone | Tech Tips

Step 3

In the accessibility sub-menu, find the option that says Assistive Touch. By default, many of us use this for some reason or the other.

If however, you do not use assistive touch, you can turn it on here. Just tap on it to enter its sub-menu.

How to restart your iPhone | Tech Tips

Step 4

You will now be presented with an option to customise the top level of assistive touch. Click on it to open it.

How to restart your iPhone | Tech Tips

As you can now see, there is a menu that is presented. This is the same menu that you are presented when you click on Assistive touch.

How to restart your iPhone | Tech Tips

Basically, assistive touch is displayed on the screen as a small translucent dot. When you tap on that dot, you get the menu of option that you customise here.

I, for example, have customised mine to access SIRI, Home, App Switcher, Screenshot etc. I can perform these functions using the Assistive touch digital button present on my screen. This button is always present on top of whatever is open and is very translucent. You can adjust its translucency in the settings to make it more unobtrusive.

You can have many items at the top level. I currently have one single space vacant, which is denoted by +. Just click on the + icon to open a list of available options. In the list, you will find Restart. Just select it.

How to restart your iPhone | Tech Tips

And you are done!

Now, you can just tap the assistive touch button anytime from anywhere on your iPhone (or iPad) and you will be presented with your selected options, including restart.

How to restart your iPhone | Tech Tips

When you click on the restart icon in this popup, you will be presented with a confirmation window which will confirm if you really want to restart. Just click confirm and your iPhone/iPad will restart.

How to restart your iPhone | Tech Tips

Final Thoughts

Though this functionality should have been present by default in the power menu of iOS, at least Apple has provided this functionality to us users in some way. 

Using the above-described method, one can easily get the restart functionality within a one tap reach on iPhone. It also allows the users to add even more useful actions like taking a screenshot, screen lock, SIRI etc within easy reach.

If you are not using assistive touch yet on your iPhone, you should start using it already. It is a very useful and underrated functionality provided by Apple on iOS. It helps me save a lot of time and provides me with a lot of conveniences every day.

Were you aware of this functionality? Did you find it useful?

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