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Chinese Smartphones flooding Indian Market is dangerous | Tech Talks

The Android ecosystem has always been known for choice and options. Ever since Google launched the iOS competitor, smartphone manufacturers have been readily lapping up the operating system to be used in their devices. This has led to Android becoming the most widely used mobile operating system in the world.

Thanks to the reduced cost of components and well-established supply chains, the Chinese Smartphone manufacturers have been able to launch Android devices at breakneck speeds. 
Chinese Smartphones flooding Indian Market is dangerous | Tech Talks

With India being a growing smartphone market with a huge growth potential, Chinese smartphone OEMs have been launching their smartphones almost every month, flooding the Indian market with lots and lots of smartphones.

Though having so many options at various price points is good for the end consumers, the current situation of the smartphone launches poses a grave danger for the future.

Here is why I think that flooding of the Indian Smartphone Market by Chinese OEMs is dangerous.
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Flooding of the Indian Smartphone Market

The Indian smartphone market is currently flooded with Android smartphones launched by many Chinese companies. The whole budget to midrange segment in the Indian market is currently dominated by the likes of Xiaomi, Honor, OPPO, VIVO, Huawei etc.

Samsung, which was once the undisputed king of smartphones in India, has lost its position to these brands.

Ever since the JIO revolution came, the demand for budget smartphones rose and the Chinese companies capitalised it well by providing options to the Indian consumers. Initially, this was great for the consumer as they were getting a lot of value for their money. But now, it has become more of a headache.


Almost every month, a new Android smartphone is launched by one or the other Chinese company in India. This has lead to an overflow of electronic devices in India. 

Of course, not every smartphone gets sold! And this unsold inventory then ends up in the recycle bin.
Chinese Smartphones flooding Indian Market is dangerous | Tech Talks

If these smartphones do get sold, they replace devices that are hardly 1-2 years old. Those devices end up in e-waste dumps, despite being perfectly capable of running for the next 2-3 years.

All of this is leading India to a growing E-Waste problem which is not being looked into by anyone.

The Chinese manufacturers are constantly creating and launching new phones and then dumping them into the Indian Market. They are making profits from the Indian consumers but causing the e-pollution by not handling the waste that their devices become just after 6 months.

If not looked into at the earliest, this problem can spiral out of control. The Indian Government needs to formulate some sort of law that holds these smartphone companies responsible for the e-waste they create.

Wastage of precious resources.

Thanks to the constant smartphone launches by the Chinese OEMs in India, the Indian consumers are tempted to get the latest and greatest, even if the new device doesn't necessarily offer anything new.

This leads to the issue that functionally sound smartphones are rejected and disposed of pretty early in their lifespan. These then usually end up in the e-waste bin and cause the e-pollution as mentioned above.

But apart from the pollution problem, constant smartphone launches use up precious resources that are then wasted.
Chinese Smartphones flooding Indian Market is dangerous | Tech Talks

Some companies like Apple and Samsung do recycle their devices to reuse recyclable resources. But most Chinese manufacturers have no such policy or plan in place. They just keep wasting the earth's precious resources by launching good for nothing smartphones that, many times, don't even find any buyers. And finally, after months of shitting on the shelves of shops, they end up in garbage dumps.

Final thoughts

E-Waste is not a problem that has emerged today. Ever since the electronic industry saw a boom, the world has been facing the ever-growing problem of handling e-waste.

The Indian shores, till now, were mostly untouched from this issue. But with the smartphone growth India is witnessing, and the number of smartphones being launched in India every year, this is definitely becoming a much more serious concern.

India really needs to have a strict law for handling the E-Waste and should hold the smartphone companies responsible for it. Otherwise, these Chinese companies will continue to reap profits from India, and in turn, give us an added headache of dealing with the growing e-waste problem.

Do you agree with me?

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