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Android Video Editor - Best Free Video Editing App | Tech Tips

Video editing has long been a complex task that only professionally trained individuals have been able to accomplish. Even with the launch of consumer-centric applications on the desktop, its usage has remained limited to a certain group of individuals.

However, thanks to the smartphones, video editing is becoming more and more mainstream in today's day and age.
android video editor - tech tips

With smartphones becoming more and more powerful every year, they are more than capable of handling general video editing needs of the common people. Even developers are understanding this and are creating easy to use video editing apps for the mobile platforms.

Android, being the most popular mobile operating system in the world, has many video editing apps in its Android Play Store. However, the sheer number of these apps can be very confusing to many people. Not every app is as good as it shows itself to be and it becomes very difficult to identify the best app from the crowd.

In this post, I will share you my personal favourite Android Video Editing app. I find it to be the most convenient and easy to use. It is free to download and use, but doesn't sacrifice much on features.

InShot Video Editor

In my long experience of using Android Smartphones, the one thing that I have always felt lacking (apart from the UI polish of course), is the lack of a proper and easy to use free video editor.

Now, don't get me wrong. I know there are plenty of free video editors out there. Many of them pretty usable as well. But none has the kind of polish and ease of use when compared to what iMovie gives us on iOS. Every app is handicapped in some way or the other. What's even more disappointing is that despite having all the capabilities, Google hasn't yet released a decent video editor for Android. However, there is a personal favourite of mine that does the job, finally.

InShot Video Editor is the Android Video Editing app that really gives me peace of mind and fulfils most of my needs.

And the best part about this app is that for the majority of your requirements, it will work free without any issues or conditions. It is lightweight and small sized. So it doesn't take up much space or system resources while running. And if you are an iOS user, there is an app for you as well so don't worry.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

How to use InShot Video Editor?

Using the app is extremely simple!

Once you have downloaded and installed the app, from the link given above to your Android smartphone, just open the app. You will be presented with the main menu as shown below. There are some options given below to create new video, photo or collage. We will, of course, be creating a new video.

inshot video editor - best android video editor

However, before we create a new video, I would recommend going into the settings first. It's the gear icon on the top right corner.

inshot video editor - best android video editor

In settings, you can change the save path for your files or change the language if you so prefer.

Now, you can click on the video icon under CREATE NEW. If you have used the app before, it will give you an option to open the previous video you had created, that it automatically saves as a draft. Or you can create a new project. We will create a new project here.

inshot video editor - best android video editor

A new pane will open which will show all the videos in your gallery. Just choose the starting video and it will open it in the main editor as shown below. 

inshot video editor - best android video editor

The "+" sign on the left of the timeline allows you to add new clips to the timeline. Other tools are just above the main timeline. There is a crop tool, trim tool, filters, music etc,

There is a canvas tool that allows you to choose the aspect ration of the final video. By default, it is always 1:1 but you can change it to 16:9 or even vertical for Instagram.

inshot video editor - best android video editor

There is also a tool to change the speed of the clip. You can either speed it up or slow it down depending on what you want to achieve.

inshot video editor - best android video editor

If you select a clip in the timeline, a new view appears which gives the option to trim, rotate, flip or duplicate a clip. 

inshot video editor - best android video editor

You can also change the sound volume of the clip or mute it completely. There is also the option to apply the settings you made to one clip to all the clips in the timeline. If there are multiple clips, you can also edit their order by long pressing and dragging.

You must have observed that there is a watermark present on the video. This is if you are using a free version of the app. However, the best part is that you can remove it without paying anything.

inshot video editor - best android video editor

You will notice that the watermark has a cross icon with it. Just click it and then click free remove. You will need to watch a 30-second ad, but it removes the watermark for that instance. Pretty acceptable.

Finally, when you are done editing, click SAVE present at the top right corner. It will present 2 options. Either to save it and edit again later. Or to save it. it will save it as a draft even if you save the file.

Then depending on the power of your smartphone, your file will be saved on your device after some processing time, ready to be shared on social media or messaging apps.

Other Honourable Mentions

Of course, this is not the only video editing app on Android. There are plenty of options available that cater to specific users and needs.

Some of my other preferred video editing apps on Android are:
  • Quik - This app by the GoPro team is amazing and very useful when you don't want to be involved in the editing process. You just want to add all the photos and videos and want an amazing video to be automatically created.

  • Adobe Premiere Clip - This is another solid app. However, I feel Adobe has limited its functionalities a lot. As a basic editor its great, but there are plenty of features lacking. And it's not the easiest to use either.
I used to love Cyberlink PowerDirector as well. I believe it was the only proper liner editor with tons of pro features. It had a free version that was usable. However now it completely paid and hence not useful for those looking for free options.

But if you can pay the monthly fee, it one of the best smartphone video editors.

Why I Prefer Inshot over other apps?

As I shared above, Inshot is a very easy to use application when it comes to video editing on Android.

It has most of the tools a common user would need for occasional edits. One can easily merge clips with transitions, slow down clips, fast forward them, add own music, add filters, texts, smileys stickers etc.

It is very lightweight on resources, yet extremely powerful and well designed. Even the final saved video is of good quality and you will not experience quality loss, at least not to the untrained eyes.

I am an ardent Techie and a Free Thinker. I love to explore new topics and technologies, and share my knowledge and views with the world.
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