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Why does Apple iPhone XR exist? | Tech Talks

Apple announced some new products on September 12th, 2018 at their special event. This included the new iPhones that many were awaiting eagerly.

Like every year, most of the details about the design and naming scheme, of the products to be launched, had already leaked before.

Apple, however, did surprise us with a few amazing features at the event. The fall detection in the new Apple Watch series 4 is a nice addition, but the game-changing feature in my personal opinion is the ECG. It just takes the health features of the Apple watch to a whole new level. 

Also, the new 64 bit S4 SOC makes the watch future proof for years to come.

Even the iPhones had their fair share of surprises - some great, some disappointing!

The new and much more powerful A12 Bionic Chipset was the star of the show. Its sheer raw power looks to be a couple of years ahead of the competition already.

And then the updated camera sensors. It was great to see Apple get back to having a sensor with a 1.4-micron pixel size. I remember my iPhone 5s having such large pixels and delivering great results. It's also the same as the rest of the competition, if not better.

And then there are even more camera software improvements like Smart HDR, better portrait shots, HDR video, thanks to the A12 Bionic.

All that with a better battery life makes the smartphone package a great deal. But...!

Apple dropped the bomb on us when they announced the pricing. The Phones still start at a staggering 1000$.

And if you are in India like me, it's almost 1 Lakh rupees. I believe its most expensive in India among all the launch countries.

But then, Apple also announced the iPhone XR. It is almost identical to the iPhone XS but cheaper.

Why does Apple iPhone XR exist? | Tech Talks
Source: Apple

So, why does it even exist?

Let's find out.

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Apple iPhone XR

First, let's talk about that name.

The naming scheme of the other iPhones makes sense. They are following the S version monicker of the Apple's 2-year cycles. Even the MAX prefix on the larger model makes some sense (since it has a max screen), although it's still not that appealing to me. But I guess we will get used to it with time.

But what does this R mean?
IMO, R means Refreshed.

I mean, think about it for a minute.

It has the similar design that was introduced in iPhone X. It has the latest hardware Apple has to offer. That includes: 
  • The most powerful chipset in the world - A12 Bionic

  • The new and improved primary camera sensor
Apple Iphone XR camera

  • New and faster FaceId
iphone XR faceID

  • Dual Sim Support

  • Louder and Improved Stereo Speakers

  • IP 67 Dust and Water Resistance

  • All the new Camera Software improvements including portrait mode on both back and front cameras.

  • Animoji & Memoji
iphone XR animoji

The only features it doesn't offer when compared to iPhone Xs and even iPhone X are:
  • OLED Screen

  • Stainless Steel Frame

  • Dual Rear Camera

  • 3D Touch

The iPhone X, when it launched last year, was really very expensive to make for Apple. And thus it was expensive for us to buy. One year later, it seems Apple still hasn't been able to optimize the supply chain for its flagship device, and so it still costs the same.

However, last year, people had the choice of going with the iPhone 8 and 8 plus if they didn't want to splurge on the 1000$ iPhone.

And this year, that role is played by the iPhone XR.
It basically exists to give the people a cheaper option to buy. It's a device that offers most of the high-end features people need. A device that doesn't skimp on the essentials and yet doesn't cost that much (at least when compared to its more expensive siblings).

Had Apple been able to reduce the cost of manufacturing for the iPhone XS models, there would have been no need for the XR. But one can't blame Apple for that since manufacturing is done by other companies and the tech used by Apple is truly cutting edge. Maybe next year things will improve on this front.

Final Thoughts

The iPhone XS and XS Max look like an iterative upgrade to the iPhone X. This is because they are.

Apple knew they couldn't bring down the prices of these devices this year. So they developed the iPhone XR. They channeled all their effort to this device so that people could get an almost similar experience at a lower cost.

Everybody kept expecting the iPhone XS and the XS Max to wow us with both features and price. And Apple, they did what they always do best. They focussed more on a device that could drive the iPhone sales to new heights this year as well.

And I believe they have a winner on their hands. With the holiday season approaching all over the world, the iPhone XR is the best holiday present one can give.
Apple iPhone XR

As always, Apple thought it out well. It looks like its going to work out well for them as well.

What do you think? Do you agree with my thoughts?

Let me know in the comments below.

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