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OnePlus 6T FAQ - All Questions Answered | AskTheIndian

OnePlus is going to launch its new smartphone, the OnePlus 6T, very soon in October 2018. Sticking to its 6 monthly release cycle, the 6T will be the second Oneplus smartphone this year.

OnePlus has always been the most popular brand in the mid-range segment, thanks to it offering high-end specifications at mid-range prices. However, with the OnePlus 6, it is finally starting to inch towards the premium price segment. And we expect the Oneplus 6T to continue this trend.

Traditionally, the T upgrades haven't really been huge for OnePlus devices. However, this year seems to be slightly different. Below we have collected the answers to all the questions you may have about this device.

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OnePlus 6T FAQ - All Questions Answered | AskTheIndian
Source: Slashgear

In this post, we will answer the most commonly / frequently asked questions about the OnePlus 6T.
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So let's begin.

What is the price of the OnePlus 6T in India?

OnePlus 6T will start at ₹36,999/- in India for its base variant.

The next variant will be priced at ₹41,999/-.

When will it be available for sale?

The device will launch on October 29, 2018, in India. It will be available for purchase on 2nd November 2018 from 12 Noon.

How many variants does the OnePlus 6T have?

The OnePlus 6T is expected to come in 2 variants.

6 GB LPDDR4X RAM + 64 GB UFS 2.1 storage - ₹36,999/-
8 GB LPDDR4X RAM + 128 GB UFS 2.1 storage - ₹41,999/-

Which processor does OnePlus 6T run on?

OnePlus 6T will run on the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset with Adreno 630 GPU. It will be a fast and powerful phone just like its predecessor - OnePlus 6.

How many colours does the OnePlus 6T come in?

The device is expected to come in the same colours as the OnePlus 6, that is Mirror Black, Midnight Black, Silk White and maybe a Red variant later.

How is the build Quality?

The device is expected to be built similar to the OnePlus 6 with glass sandwich design using Gorilla Glass 5.

That means it will have great build quality.

Does it have an IP rating?

No, it does not have any IP rating. It is only splash resistant.

Does the OnePlus 6T support SD card?

Like every other Oneplus device, this device is also expected to skip the SD Card.

Does it support Dual Sim?

Yes, It will support dual sim with Dual VoLTE.

Does it come with USB-C charging port?

Yes, it will come with USB-C port.

Does it have Fast Charging support?

Yes, it is expected to launch with WARP Charging, which is slightly faster charger when compared to the previous DASH charging which was already the fastest.

Does it have Wireless Charging?

No, it will not support wireless charging.

What is the battery capacity of OnePlus 6T?

Unlike the Oneplus 6, the 6T is expected to come with a slightly bigger battery at 3500-3700 mAh.

What is the Screen Size of this Smartphone?

It is expected to launch with a 6.4 inch Full HD+ optic AMOLED screen. This is the same size as the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and slightly smaller than iPhone Xs Max.

Does the device have a notch

Yes, it does have a notch. However, unlike the Oneplus 6 and many other Android smartphones, it won't copy the notch style of the iPhone X.

Rather it will copy the waterdrop notch design found in OPPO and VIVO smartphones these days, who themselves copied it from the Essential phone.

All in all, it will be a smart design and a welcome change from similar looking smartphones these days.

Can We hide the Notch?

Yes, the notch is hidable. This is a feature built into the Oxygen OS.

What is its rear camera setup?

The OnePlus 6T is expected to launch with a similar dual camera setup as the Oneplus 6.

One sensor will be 20 MP whereas the second camera will be a 16 MP sensor. The primary sensor will have OIS. Some rumours point to a 12 MP sensor but it's not yet confirmed.

It might also feature some form of AI camera features and a dedicated night mode for bright and sharp photos in the dark.

It won't have a triple camera setup as previously rumoured.
OnePlus 6T FAQ - All Questions Answered | AskTheIndian
Source: Slashgear

Does it have a front camera?

Yes, it has a front camera. This camera module is in the notch.

The front camera is expected to be a 25 MP sensor. This will help take sharper selfies and more megapixels will allow better edge detection for portrait selfies.

Does it have Video Stabilisation?

The OnePlus 6T will have both OIS and EIS for video stabilization from the back camera. It will have EIS for video stabilization using the front camera.

Does OnePlus 6T have a fingerprint scanner?

Yes, it will feature a fingerprint scanner which will be built under the display.

It won't utilize the more secure 3D scanner from Qualcomm, rather it will incorporate the optical scanner similar to the ones found in OPPO and VIVO phones.

Does it have face unlock?

Yes, it will feature face unlock similar to that of OnePlus 6.

What Android Version is it running?

It is expected to ship with Oxygen OS based on Android 9 Pie.

How long will it receive Android updates?

Considering OnePlus's past record and the stock android build, it is safe to expect at least 2 additional software updates. So it will surely get Android Q and Android R.

Does it support FM?

Not confirmed yet. 

Does it support OTG?

Yes, it supports OTG.

What Bluetooth version does it have?

It is expected to come with Bluetooth 5.0

What all is included in the box?

Not yet known. But it is being said that new bullet earphones may be bundled with the device.

Where can I Buy it?

Not yet Known.

Does it have a headphone jack?

No, it will not have a headphone jack. But it will have USB-C earphones bundled in.

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