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How to Delete Images from iMessage on iOS 10/11/12 | Tech Tips

Delete Images from iMessage on iOS 10/11/12

How to delete images from imessage

All us iPhone users love using the iMessage app. Its expressive, feature packed and works seamlessly. As per official apple record, millions of iMessages are being sent and received daily, many of which are images.

Now, unlike WhatsApp and other messaging apps, iMessage does not compress the images. Rather it sends them in full resolution. So receiving multiple high-resolution images can lead to less storage space available on your device. 

Hence it is a good practice to delete old and unnecessary images from iMessages to free up space. This guide will help you do just the same.

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Delete via Message App

A solution you can take to delete images from iMessage on iOS 10/11/12 is using the iMessage app. There are a few downsides of doing this but it’s very effective and easy to do.

Step #1 - Unlock your iPhone and open the Messages app.

Step #2 - Tap the conversation that contains the photos you want to delete and press the “i” at the top-right.

Step #3 - Tap and hold one of the photos that you want to delete under the “Images” tab, tap on “More”, and then select all of the photos that you plan on deleting.

Step #4 - Finally, tap the trash icon and confirm that you want them erased from your device.

Now, regarding the downsides, this will take you a long time especially if you are scrolling through months of chat history. Furthermore, any photos that you delete will be recoverable. But we also have to realize that this can a useful approach if you only want to delete specific photos.

Delete in Settings

The Second solution to delete images from iMessage on iOS 10/11/12 is through the Settings application. Again, this gives you more control over the photos you delete but it’ll be a time-consuming task.

Step #1 - Open the “Settings” application and go to “General > iPhone Storage”.

Step #2 - Wait for a short scan to conclude. After your storage has scanned, tap on “Show All” next to the “Recommendations” heading.

Step #3 - Choose “Review Large Attachments” and a list of the largest iMessage attachments will appear.

Step #4 - Tap “Edit” and proceed to select any photos to delete them. Afterward, simply tap the trash icon.


Setting aside how tedious of a process this is, if you have a lot of photos being sent through iMessage then it’s going to take a while to get through them all. The worst thing about this is that the photos won’t actually delete from your iPhone and with the right tools, they can be recovered.

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