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Moto E5 and Moto E5 plus - Worth your money?

Moto E5 Plus
Source: Motorola India

Motorola, on Tuesday 10th July, launched their latest E series smartphones in India - The Moto E5 and the Moto E5 Plus.
Launched at the starting price of Rs 9,999/- let's find out if these smartphones are worth your hard earned money.

Moto E5

Moto E5
Source: Motorola India

This is the cheapest offering in the latest E series launched by Motorola starting at Rs 9,999/-.
Moto E5 specifications
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As can be seen from the specifications, The device comes with a quad-core Snapdragon 425 chip inside and features a 5.7-inch display with the 18:9 aspect ratio and HD+ resolution. It has a battery capacity of 4000mAh.  Its base variant only has 2GB RAM. It also comes with a fingerprint scanner at the back, and with a 13 MP camera at the back and 5 MP at the front.
Clearly, the specifications are very disappointing, especially for this price range.
There are plenty of options in the price range of up to Rs 10,000! There is the Redmi Note 5 and the RealMe 1. Even Asus Zenfone Max Pro is also just 10,500 Rs.
All the above smartphones offer bigger screen sizes, beautiful full HD displays, similar battery capacities and much more powerful processors.
Even the base RAM-Storage options available are better in these smartphones than the Moto E5. With almost all smartphones in this range offering face unlock as well, its omission in this smartphone is a definite deal breaker.
As has been the case for quite some time now, Moto E5 is not a value for money device and its impossible to suggest this smartphone to anyone.

Moto E5 Plus

This is the more premium variant of the E5 series with a starting price of Rs 12,999.
Moto E5 Plus specifications
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As can be seen from the spec sheet, Moto E5 Plus comes with a 6-inch  HD+ display having 18:9 aspect ratio. Its highlight is the 5000mAh battery, with TurboCharge support. It runs on the Snapdragon 435 processor.
It has a beautiful glass sandwich design and a fingerprint scanner at the back. Cameras include a 12 MP shooter at the back and 5 MP at the front.
For the Price, the Moto E5 Plus could have been a solid offering from Motorola thanks to a beautiful design, Huge battery with fast charging, stock android, stereo speakers and a decent back camera.
However, these advantages are marred by a weak processor and just a 720p HD display.
Whats more disappointing is that the design suggests the presence of dual cameras at the back, which is not the case. It only has a single camera at the back.
Once again, it's hard to recommend it over and above the competition.
The device does make its case with a beautiful and eye-catching design and a huge battery. With just an HD screen and not so powerful processor, one can expect 2+ days of battery life on this device.
Hence, those specifically looking for a basic smartphone with a huge battery life can look at this smartphone. But if you are someone plays games, watches movies on phone, or has the camera as a big priority, this smartphone is just not for you.
If only, Motorola had used a full HD panel, the Moto E5 plus would have been a solid competition in its price segment.
Like every year...Motorola disappoints again in the budget range.

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