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Mi Max 3 - My next Android Smartphone!

mi max 3
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Being a technology enthusiast, I always like to keep myself abreast with the latest news and gadgets. I like to judge technology on the basis of its actual merit, without any bias.

That's the primary reason why I don't carry a single smartphone.

Every smartphone operating system has something great to offer, and since I have been doing most of my work, including a major part of my blogging, using Smartphones I like to carry both an iPhone and Android.

For quite some time now, my android daily driver has been the Xiaomi redmi note 3. It is one of the best Android phones launched to date.

Except for its camera, it outperforms even the latest midrange smartphones costing twice as more.

However, I think it's time for a change. And I have finally found the successor to the redmi note 3

Mi max 3

Xiaomi redmi note 3 has been one of the best Smartphone purchases I have made till now, after the iPhone 5s of course.

The huge 5.5 inches full HD screen has been great for productivity and entertainment.

Its crisp and vibrant IPS LCD screen has been great for watching movies on Netflix and Amazon prime as well as other content on YouTube. Its large size has also allowed it to be used for productivity.

Writing articles, managing blogs, social media promotions everything has been a breeze on this device thanks to its large screen, great performance and long battery life.

But now I have found its true successor, the MI MAX 3

The Mi Max 3, is rumored to launch in China this month, and in August in India.

I have already talked about the rumored specifications of Mi Max 3.

But just to recap, it is said to have a large 6.9-inch full HD screen in a body size similar to that of the current Mi Max 2, having smaller bezels. The battery will be very large too at 5500 mAh.

It is also rumored to be running the Snapdragon 636 (also present in the Redmi Note 5 Pro) which is quite powerful and efficient. A more expensive variant may even have a Snapdragon 710 which will be even more Powerful.

RAM has never been an issue with Xiaomi phones and one can expect ample RAM and storage with multiple options.

Just these few features already make the Mi Max 3 a great device.

Imagine the battery life the device will have with such a huge battery and energy efficient processor.

The huge 6.9-inch screen is reaching the mini tablet territory. It will be awesome for media consumption as well as productivity.

Even split screen will work better on such a large screen.

Add to the fact that MIUI is full of nifty and useful features, and the smartphone becomes a complete package at around ₹15000-17000 range, at which it is expected to be launched in India by August.

It will be one awesome device, especially for all the content creators like me. And I will be sure to buy it whenever it arrives on the Indian shores.

Now..., if only Xiaomi can get rid of it's atrocious FLASH SALES!

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