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Jio GigaFiber - Broadband Reinvented!

jio gigafiber

Jio is the name that we associate nowadays with something revolutionary.

Back in the day, when Jio launched its mobile 4G network, it took the Indian mobile network industry by surprise with its ultra-cheap plans and free data.

Even today, its plans are one of the cheapest available and the initial reception issues have also been sorted.


Jio has changed the Mobile network industry in India forever. And now it plans to target the Broadband and D2H industry in one go.

Welcome, the Jio GigaFiber!

Jio GigaFiber

Broadband industry in India has been dominated by a few players on a national level. These have been BSNL and Airtel.

There are some local players in specific areas but overall, the monopoly of the big players has been untouched till now.

Airtel, for the major time, has been an expensive broadband service to use. Though it has had a good customer support service its plans were, for quite some time, very expensive.

BSNL, on the other hand, has struggled to provide good service. Its prices were definitely more affordable but the service was mostly patchy.

In such a scenario, the entry of Jio GigaFiber is a definite sign of positivity. 

When Jio entered the mobile network space, it changed the rules of the industry forever. There was competition amongst the service providers and users got more features for less price.

With the introduction of Jio GigaFiber, we expect similar changes in the broadband arena.

Currently, Airtel offers VFiber which offers theoretical download speeds up to 40-50 MBPS.  Jio Gigafiber on the other hand offer 1GBPS download speeds.

Of course, the actual download speeds are less than theoretical speeds but just look at the difference in speed.

What this speed means is that now you can easily stream 4K movies on your TV (if the TV supports it) without buffering.

We will get lots of data at affordable costs and all this without any FUP (fair usage policy) conditions. You get what you pay for.

This is already showing its effect as Airtel has removed the FUP from its plans in Hyderabad and will roll it out to other cities soon.

Wait...that's not all!

Jio gigafiber will bring with it a D2H service through a set-top box. Users will be able to watch all their favorite channels on TV without paying for a separate service.

jio gigafiber

The D2H service charges will be included in the plan. There will be only one bill.

Jio already has a host of apps on smartphones for music, TV, movies and so on. One can expect them to be available on the jio set-top box as well.

It is also said that the set-top box will support voice commands.

This will make the D2H market even more competitive. With affordable plans from Jio - TataSky, DishTV, and Airtel will find it difficult to compete.

After changing the mobile network market, Jio is all set to reinvent the broadband and D2H market.

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