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Can Smartphone Cameras replace DSLR in 2018?

Can Smartphone cameras replace DSLR

Can Smartphone Cameras replace DSLR

Mobile phones have had a camera for a long time.

Many of them even had a really great camera like the Nokia N series and the Sony Cyber-shot series.

Most of these cameras were quite good, considering the fact that they were present in a phone which one could carry anywhere. They produced good quality photos in regular daily usage.

For special occasions and trips, however, people still preferred digital cameras or DSLRs because of their amazing image quality.

But ever since smartphones came around, especially the iPhone 4, mobile phone cameras have started improving at an exponential rate.

So much so that they made the digital camera market almost go out of business.

But they haven't been able to touch the DSLRs... Till now!

Can they now compete with a DSLR?

Smartphone cameras vs DSLR

I say yes... They can!

Now before you guys start bashing me up, and before I try to justify my stand, check out this travel post of mine and look at all the images I have shared.

Maheshwar Trip | Travel Diary

I would suggest you take a look at the images that I share on my wallpapers blog as well.

Mobile Wallpapers

Did you like what you saw?

I personally do...and am sure many of you do as well.

Whats not to like about these images?

They are sharp, detailed, punchy just the way we all like!

Now let me reveal the camera which shot these images.

It's my trusty LG G5!

Yes, these images were shot by a 2 and a half-year-old smartphone camera. It's not even the latest.

The LG G5 has a great camera setup. A large sensor with an optically stabilized f/1.8 lens.

Coupled with great camera processing, this device can take some amazing pictures.

Plus there is even a Google pixel 2 camera port for the device that lets me take cool HDR+ shots as well as portrait shots.

Get Portrait Mode in any Smartphone!

Now LG G5 is not even the best camera out there! Not even close.

And yet it takes such amazing pics. Imagine what the latest and greatest Smartphone cameras can do right now!

Now, don't get me wrong, DSLRs are still great!

They have their own positives which are much preferred and appreciated by professionals.

But do a majority of the regular guys like us need all that control and access to lenses when we can just click and get an awesome pic from a camera we carry in our pockets?

Why smartphone cameras are better!

Now I have already established that smartphone cameras take amazing photos.

But why are they so good?

It's because of constant innovation.

DSLRs get an upgrade in years whereas every few months there is a new smartphone launched.

And the camera is a major selling point for smartphones these days.

Every company wants their smartphone to have the better camera.

This has led to constant innovation in smartphone camera sensors, camera lenses and image processing algorithms.

Today almost all High-end smartphone cameras come with sensors having a very high dynamic range.

The lenses are optically stabilized and bright at f/1.8 or even more.

Smartphones these days take really great and stabilized videos, slow-motion videos, low light photos, portrait photos and much more, all thanks to fast CPU and image processing AI algorithms.

Their software processing is now way better than DSLRs. And now they also use AI for better-looking images straight out of the box.

Look at Google pixel line of smartphones.

They can take HDR photos, where they use 9 photos to create one amazing shot, every time without any lag.

Not every DSLR can take HDR shots, panoramas, Slow motion videos or time-lapse videos natively. 

And then, only some DSLRs have a dedicated mode for such features whereas all smartphones have these features by default.

Nowadays all smartphone cameras can shoot in portrait mode whereas one needs a separate lens to do that.

Imagine carrying all this extra weight everywhere and then changing lenses on the go!

Now even smartphone cameras have lenses with changing aperture values, thanks to Samsung Galaxy S9.

Many Smartphones also have a zoom lens like the Apple iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone 7 Plus.

All this poses the question, can Smartphone cameras finally replace the DSLR?

Final Thoughts

As I have already said, YES IT CAN!

Professionals may wanna stick to a DSLR for all the added bells and whistles that come with it, but for a regular person, a smartphone camera is enough.

A regular user normally buys an entry level or mid range DSLRs. And a majority of them never move beyond the kit lens that they get, and always shoot in auto mode. Smartphone cameras take way better photos that an entry-level DSLR in auto mode, even in low light.

Also, When the excitement dies down, carrying the heavy camera around becomes a chore.

So having a smartphone camera makes more sense, especially when they are so good now, and in some cases even better.

And as i have found using a 2 year old LG G5, you don't always need the latest and greatest!

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