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Best Earphones under 1500 ₹ - JBL T205 | Unboxing & Review

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Music is an integral part of our lives. And smartphones enable us to enjoy all our favorite music anywhere. However, listening to this music using smartphone speakers is not a good experience. Also, it might disturb other people. Hence, we all use headphone/earphones to listen to our music in private. Initially, all smartphones used to come with earphones, bundled in the box.

However, most smartphones these days don't provide any earphones. Hence people have to buy them separately.

But with so many earphone brands out there competing with each other at every price point, it is very confusing for the end consumer to decide which earphone/headphone is the best and worth buying.

In this post, I will Unbox and review, what I consider to be one of the, if not the, BEST EARPHONES UNDER 1500 ₹. 

Best Earphones under 1500 ₹ - JBL T205

JBL (by Harman) T205 are amazing earphones that I consider to be the best earphones under the price of 1500.



JBL T205 review

Though the official MRP on the box is ₹ 1600, as can be seen from the image below, it sells on Amazon.in for just 1200. You can buy it for even cheaper during sale days.

JBL T205 review

The box contents are as below. We have the earphones themselves with a microphone built in to take calls.  Along with them, you get a JBL branded small pouch to carry the earphones around. This pouch should keep the earphones safe from dust and lint.

JBL T205 review

JBL T205 review

JBL T205 Review

The overall quality of the earphones is good. They have a flat cable that keeps it tangle free for the most part and is solidly built too.

As can be seen from images below, the earphones are not your typical in-ear style. They resemble Apple's earpods in shape, though Apple's earpods have better-built quality and plastic.

Best Earphones under 1500 ₹

JBL T205 review

JBL T205 review

Nevertheless, the shape is great and the plastic is soft. It fits snugly into the ear. Puttin it in might seem a hassle the regular in-ear style earphone but once set, they remain set in place. 

And the shape of these earphones ensures that the sound is directed towards your ear making them very loud and clear. 

I personally prefer this shape of earphones as the regular in-ear style can cause ear infections and is usually not recommended by doctors also. More on this on a separate article. So follow us, if you don't already, to read it when I publish it.

The right earphone cable has a microphone built in which allows users to take calls hands-free. It also has a button which can be used to puck up and disconnect calls.

JBL T205 review

Apart from calls, it also allows users to control their music. When music is playing, a single click of the button pauses the music and pressing the button again starts playing the music. To go to the next song, just double-click the button. To go back to the previous track, triple-click the button. 

Now, coming to the main aspect of these earphones -  music quality. The music quality is very good. Trust me when I say this that at this price range, you get amazing sound quality. 

I am not an Audiophile, but I do have an understanding and sense of good sound quality. Before this, I only found the Sennheiser CX180 to be really good. And After using these, I am a fan. JBL has definitely lived up to its name.

The mids and the highs are clearly distinguishable and the sound appears to have a decent depth to it, which enhances the audio quality. Though the earphones are advertised as having good bass, it is thankfully not over the top.

The bass is present for sure, there is no denying it. You can feel the earphones trying to produce the lows. But it's not ever the top and thankfully provides just the right amount of depth to the music.

Overall, the sound output is amazing and as you keep on using it more and more, the sound drivers open up to their true potential. You will enjoy clear and amazing music as it was intended.

A definite value for money, and must buy!

However, if you are looking for earphones with heavy bass then these earphones are definitely not for you. You may be better off buying the Sony branded earphones. They offer extra bass.

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