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Why Face Id makes more sense than Touch Id! | Tech Talks

Face Id makes more sense the Touch Id

why face id is better than touch id
Source: Apple.com

I recently came across an article which shared a new rumour about the Galaxy S10 which Samsung may launch next year.
It's funny to see that despite the imminent launch of galaxy note 9, we are getting leaks about galaxy s10 and not the note 9.

Anyways, according to this new rumour, Samsung may ditch its iris scanner in next year's galaxy s10. 

What would come, in its place, is a 3d face scanner like Apple iPhone X for secure face unlock. Samsung, like Apple, would then be able to utilise it for its payment service, Samsung pay, as well.

Even the recently launched Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer edition has 3d face-scanning tech for secure face unlock.
This shows the growing popularity of face Id
In this article, I will tell you why it actually makes more sense than not just iris scanner but also fingerprint sensor.

Face Id-advantages

Face unlock isn't new to the smartphone market. 
Android was actually the first to incorporate it in its version - ICE CREAM SANDWICH.

However, it wasn't secure or efficient, back then.

Then last year, in 2017, Apple launched its iPhone X, and along with it, 3d face recognition or face id.

It was secure, reliable and completely changed the smartphone market.

6 months later, almost all phones in every price range come with face unlock. Though the majority of them are not as secure as Apple's implementation.

So why is everyone copying Apple, again!

This is primarily because everyone knows the ease of use associated with face unlock.

Let us take Apple iPhone X for example.

  • With just a glance, the phone unlocks. No need to scan fingerprints. This becomes really helpful when hands are wet, dirty or one is wearing gloves.

  • Also, during online shopping on apps, now one no longer has to authenticate by fingerprint. As one is shopping and makes the purchase, the phone automatically scans and validates the face and authorizes the purchase.

  • Similarly, when auto filling passwords on websites and apps, no need to specifically scan your fingerprint. Face id automatically scans the face and it's done. 

Everything flows perfectly.

I am not saying that fingerprint scanners are bad. They are very useful. But when compared to face id, they do require an additional task of placing the finger on the sensor.

why face id is better than touch id

As for the iris scanning, its a pain in its current form.

One needs to align eyes so that the sensor can check and match clearly. This becomes a chore everytime you need to unlock a phone or authorize payments. Even Samsung has understood this that in their current forms, Face Id makes much more sense than iris scanning. Maybe in future, even iris scanning becomes easy to use and reliable.

But of course, nothing is perfect!
Even face id has a few issues and quirks.

Face id-issues

Considering the fact that it is still in its first generation, the face id works quite well. And Apple has also implemented smart AI using a neural engine, which learns how your face varies over time, to accurately recognise it is you!
But there are still a few quirks that keep it from being perfect.

  • The first issue is that it's relatively slow!
When Apple introduced its second generation touch id, everyone was blown away by its speed. And now almost every smartphone has a very fast fingerprint scanner. Even smartphones having simple face unlock are very fast.

Now I understand these smartphones dont employ the kind of tech Apple uses for secure face scanning, but for normal users, the speed difference does make a difference.

Maybe second generation face id, and even faster future apple chips will speed things up.

  • The second issue is that one needs to be looking at the phone to unlock it. Agreed, it can scan face at some acute angles as well, but it's still limited.

  • Also, an always on face scanner can burn through a lot of battery power than an always on fingerprint scanner.

But IMO, all these quirks are just minor in nature and will get resolved in future.

Face id is the future, though having an additional option of a fingerprint scanner would be great as well.
But in future, let's have the fingerprint scanner built under the screen display and not at the back... What do you think?

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