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iPhone SE - One of the best, but not for everyone! | Best phone under ₹ 20,000 - June 2018

iPhone SE | Best Phones under ₹20,000

best phones under 20000

Apple iPhone's have long been the dream smartphones for many people. Especially in India where the price and availability hampered iPhones growth severely.

However, over the last few years, this situation has changed drastically.

Not only is Apple taking the Indian market seriously and launching their smartphones early, prices of a year or 2 old devices have also reduced so as to make them affordable.

The best aspect of an iPhone is that even a year old iPhone is as good as any latest android flagship device.
Currently, one of the cheapest iPhones you can buy is the iPhone SE.

In this article, we find out if it is worth buying!

Phones under ₹ 20,000

The Sub ₹ 20,000 price range in the Indian smartphone market is one of the most competitive smartphone markets in the world.

With so many companies launching multiple products, it's always a task to find the best from the rest.
We have some great looking smartphones such as the Huawei P20 lite and Moto G6 and some great performers like the Redmi Note 5 Pro and Zenfone Max Pro.

And all of these are Android smartphones. Only one iPhone can be bought in this price range - and that is the iPhone SE.

iPhone SE

Now, iPhone SE is not a newly launched phone!

In fact, as of writing this article, the iPhone SE is more than 2 years old. Still, its one of the best phones you can buy under ₹ 20,000.

Let us check why!

iPhone SE - Advantages

  • The most powerful chipset - Apple A9. According to the geekbench scores, iPhone SE has 2381 as single core score and 4113 as multi-core score. No other phone can boast of similar numbers. I agree most Android smartphones will have a slightly higher multi-core score but a single core score of above 2000 is unheard of in this price range.
iphone se

  • Since the iPhone SE has one of the newer Apple chips, along with 2 GB RAM, its performance is top notch. There is no lag whatsoever and the phone is fast and responsive always.

  • The iPhone SE supports Apple's ARKit. Thanks to that, you can use AR-enabled apps on your iPhone SE. AR is the future and no other smartphone supports AR to such a level as the iPhone SE.

  • The iPhone SE has an updated 12 Megapixel back camera with faster autofocus and EIS. it is supported with dual LED flash and takes some amazing photos. Definitely on par, if not better than the best smartphone cameras of the segment. If also shoots slow-motion videos at up to 240 fps, which is not found in any other smartphone in this range. And the overall video quality is great as well. It also supports the shooting of 4K video which is again of great quality.

  • It runs latest iOS software, currently iOS 11.4. It is also scheduled to receive iOS 12 later this year. And thanks to its top-notch hardware you can expect at least 2 more software updates after iOS 12. No other smartphone under ₹ 20,000 can boast of such a feat. Most of them are not even running latest Android yet.

  • iPhone SE supports NFC payments using Apple Pay.

  • iPhone SE has all the sensors and supports VoLTE.

  • iPhone SE has a great battery life.

iPhone SE - Disadvantages

  • The biggest disadvantage of iPhone SE is the screen size. It is only 4 inches. With smartphones, these days going as big as 6 inches, 4 inches screen seems very small. But if you don't wish to watch movies or play many games, 4 inches is perfect. Youth may not like the small screen but middle-aged and older generations may love the smaller form factor as it is easy to use.

  • The second disadvantage of iPhone SE is that its front camera is on 1.2 Megapixel. With smartphones in this price range having as high as 20-megapixel front cameras, 1.2 megapixels seems like a joke. Though the camera takes good-looking pics, there just isn't enough detail present. But if you are not into selfies, it's a great phone to buy.

  • And finally, we come to the design. Don't get me wrong, its a great looking iPhone. Has the iconic iPhone design. But in today's age, when most smartphones are going with glass back and 18:9 full view display, the iPhone SE does appear a bit boring.

Final Thoughts on iPhone SE

If you look at the pros and cons above, pros definitely outweigh the cons.

The cons of iPhone SE are definitely deal breakers for many.

But, if it's not a deal breaker for you, iPhone SE is one of the best phones you can buy under ₹ 20,000.

It has all the bells and whistles you can expect, even more.

And you can be sure that it will be supported for the next 3 years at least.

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