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iOS 12 - Best Features of the new iOS Update | WWDC 2018

iOS 12 Best Features

ios 12 best features
Source: Apple.com

If you are an Apple fanboy or you own and love your Apple devices, WWDC is always the time to be super excited. Apple announces its new set of software updates that arrive with new and improved features.

And WWDC 2018 this year has been no different. Apple announced iOS 12, macOS Mojave, WatchOS 5 and a new version of tvOS.

Of course, like all of us, you all must be excited about whats new in iOS 12. So if you missed the keynote or even if you didn't, just sit back and read out all the fun new features coming to iOS. we bet you didn't know about many of these.


ios 12 compatible devices
Source: Apple.com

In my opinion, this is the biggest feature any company can provide. An update to such a vast range of devices is unheard of. iPhone 5s is more than 5-6 years old now. And Apple is still supporting it.

And not just supporting it for the sake of it. iOS 12 promises performance and speed improvements to iPhone 5s making it even faster than it currently is.

One can get an iPhone 5s in India for as low as 10-11,000 Indian Rs (approx US $160). And yet its chipset is as fast as any current midrange smartphone costing 20,000 Rs. It runs latest iOS currently and will get the iOS 12 update as well making it up to date until Fall of Next Year. 

Can any other android device, in this price range, boast of such a support?

This, IMO, is by far the biggest and most underrated feature of iOS.


We all know Apple provides a password manager via its iCloud keychain. This allows users to save passwords securely on iCloud and use on both iOS and macOS. Apple Safari has also supported password suggestion when creating a new account.

Now with iOS 12, Apple will suggest an even stronger password for you to use. And this service will not just be limited to safari. If you are creating a new account on an app, iOS will suggest a password in apps too and then offer to save them in the keychain for you so you don't have to remember the complex passwords.

iOS will also see if you are using a single password for multiple accounts and offer you the option to change them so as to keep all your accounts safe and uncompromised.

Isn't that just great!

As always, it will offer to autofill passwords in safari as well as apps on iOS. But if you wish to use a third-party password manager like 1PassWord, then you can autofill in safari and apps using 1PassWord as well.

ios 12 password manager
Source: https://twitter.com/1Password

You can share passwords between Apple devices. So if you are using your wife's iPad to access your Facebook but can't remember your password, you can share the password from your iPhone to your wife's iPad. This work with Macs too.

And did I mention, that you can now ask SIRI to look up your password instead of you going into settings and sub settings! 

Of course, you would need to authenticate before Siri shows you the password.


Many of us have been begging Apple to revamp and improve the notifications on iOS.

We all thought Apple was not listening to us. But that is just a myth.

In reality, they were only working hard to do it right. And boy have they done it.

Group notifications now arrive in iOS and they look great. Much better than what they look on Android IMHO.

ios 12 notifications
Source: apple.com

Plus notifications can be grouped by APP or time or threads.

Also, now you can access notification settings from the lock screen. You can turn off, mute or access other settings without opening the setting or unlocking the iPhone, much like Android.

ios 12 notifications
Source: Apple.com

As they say in India, Der Aye par Durust Aye (Came late, but it was all worth it)!


No, I won't be covering the new Tongue Detection technology of Apple or the new MeMoji.

I am sure you are already aware of it and I know it's AWESOME!

But there are some finer features that were added and not talked about. 

With iOS 12, Apple has introduced an API that lets users report SMS spam as well. Now you can report a message as SPAM from messages itself. 

Another very useful feature is regarding OTP or one time passwords. Many times we have found ourselves in a situation where we receive an OTP via SMS which we need to enter. Most of the times, one has to be quick when the notification comes, else you may need to go into messages to check.

Not anymore. Now iOS will detect an OTP message and automatically suggest to fill it in the OTP field on the app or page you are in.

Such a nifty and handy feature. Can't wait to start using it already!


The new camera updates bring much more improved portrait photos and portrait lighting effects. 

With new, improved and updated algorithms, expect even better portrait shots than before. 

Apple already has the proper hardware going back to iPhone 6s plus models. And every year they keep improving their algorithms even further.

ios 12 features

QR Code Scanner

Last year in iOS 11, Apple included the ability to scan QR codes from the camera app. 

This year Apple has improved it even further and made it more accurate and faster.

And now, you also get a control center toggle to specifically enter the QR code reader mode.


The biggest update has to be for SIRI.

Last year we heard Apple acquired the WorkFlow App team. Workflow, as all tech nerds like me would know, was an app that allowed users to achieve tasks with just a click.

Much like IFTTT, it allowed users to set up certain actions to be performed when that specific recipe is activated.

It was highly speculated how Apple would use Workflow in iOS and what they have come up with is amazing. 

ios 12 siri shortcuts
Source: Apple.com

Creating shortcuts to access location, send messages, play music and open maps navigation all at once is great. But whats even better is that users can assign custom phrases to it and just say that to SIRI.

So if I want to hear my commute playlist on Amazon Music and also open directions to home from the office, I can just say to my iPhone, HEY SIRI GOING HOME.

And all the above that I have already setup will be done automatically.

Bravo Apple...really well thought out!

Multiple FACE ID

Apple has finally added an option to add an alternate appearance for FACE ID. So you can add the face of your spouse to let them access your device as well in an emergency using their face. 

And of course, Apple will learn the changing patterns of the new face as well over time like the primary face.

ios 12 multiple face id


iOS also has an improved battery settings page for more insights on battery usage.

ios 12 battery stats

It also has a Hindi and English bilingual dictionary in the keyboard for us India users. So auto-suggest will now suggest Hindi words as well and learn your preferences over time.

Also now, you can clear apps on iPhone and iPad just by swiping the cards up. No need to press and gold first. Don't know why Apple missed it in iOS 11.

Of course, iOS 12 may be having even more small nifty features which will be discovered over the course of next few days. I will keep updating this article as and when I find more.

If you have a feature to share, let me know in the comments below.

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