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SquadRun - Earn Money By Doing Tasks | Android App Review

SquadRun - Earn money by doing tasks

earn money online app android

We all have smartphones these days. And everyone wishes if they could use their smartphones to earn some money as well using an app.

But its not always easy to find apps that actually pay you.

Most apps just make a fool out of you. They make you do things on the pretext of paying you, but when it actually comes to paying, you get nothing.

However, there are a few apps that are legitimate and do what they say.

One such app is the SquadRun app.

What it does!

SquadRun is a task-based app. For every task you perform, you get points. Typically the tasks earn you 100-120 points. But some tasks can earn you as much as 200-300 points.

earn money online app android

As you successfully keep completing the tasks, your points keep getting accumulated in the app's wallet. They call it the bank.

Later, you can redeem your points for money.

At present, the app supports redeeming of points to paytm cash which is transferred to your paytm wallet.

earn money online app android

earn money online app android

Currently, the points redeeming rate is set at 100 Points = 1 Rs. Also, currently you can only redeem your points when you have reached 6000 points.

What kind of tasks are offered?

Tasks vary from regular app based tasks to voice-based tasks.

Voice-based tasks can involve talking to a person to perform some sort of survey. Such tasks pay very well in terms of points.

earn money online app android

Regular app based tasks can vary. Each task has different objective and a training is conducted before beginning the task to make you aware what needs to be done.

Once you finish the task, it is evaluated and then points added to your wallet.
Every task also has a time limit within which it needs to be finished. If you fail to do so, you lose a life. You have 3 lives, to begin with.

How to start?

You can download the app from the link given below.
Click Here to download the app!

Currently, it supports only Android platform.
Once downloaded, open the app and create your account and start earning. It's that simple.

Keep in mind though, that you can only create one account every email id and phone number. If you create another account using same email id and phone number, you will be banned.

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  1. I have used this app and works great. The App is also featured in the news and startup industry. great post

  2. Great Blog! Its really helpful Blogging is an amazing skill with which you can share your thoughts online.Love your ideas keep up the good work!


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