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OPPO F7 vs RealMe 1 | Clash of the Siblings


OPPO f7 vs RealMe 1
OPPO F7 - Source: OPPO India Website

The Indian smartphone market, especially the budget to midrange segment, has never been this competitive before.

Not long ago, expecting a decently specced smartphone under Rs 20,000 was like expecting dreams to be a reality.

However, all that soon changed with the emergence of Xiaomi and other Chinese smartphone companies which started to offer great value for money devices at aggressive prices.

And now we have a highly competitive market where there is cut-throat competition between smartphone companies and the end consumer is spoilt for choices.
OPPO has been one such Chinese smartphone company which has been trying hard to establish itself in the mid-range smartphone segment in the Indian market.

However, its always been offering devices that have been somewhat overpriced when compared to its competitors.

In 2018, it launched its new smartphone, the OPPO F7, a very capable device. Though priced at around 21,000 Rs, it still felt like a solid device.

However, with the recent launch of RealMe 1 by RealMe, a sub-brand of OPPO, does the OPPO F7 still remain relevant?

Let's find out!

Read my thoughts about the RealMe 1!


Lets first compare the specifications of the two devices.

  • Oppo F7 comes with a 6.23-inch screen whereas RealMe 1 comes with a 6-inch screen. Both screens are LCD screens with Full-HD resolution. Hence, screens are almost similar in terms of specifications, though the quality of the OPPO F7 screen might be slightly better. Also, the OPPO F7 comes with a notch design.

  • Both phones come powered by the Mediatek helio P60 chipset based on the 12 nm process.

  • Both phones offer 4GB RAM - 64 GB storage as well as 6GB RAM - 128 GB storage variants.

  • Both phones run ColorOS 5 based on Android Oreo.

  • Both phones offer a diamond cut finish and a Red color option.

  • Both phones support dual 4G sim.

  • Both phones offer face unlock feature.

  • Both phones offer similar battery capacities of 3400 mAh.

What's Different

realme 1 vs oppo f7
Source: Amazon.in

Despite so many similarities, there a few differences as well between the two smartphones.

  • RealMe 1 does not offer Fingerprint scanner, it only has face unlock support. OPPO F7 offers both features.

  • RealMe 1 cameras are lower specced and not as good as the OPPO F7's.

  • Build Quality of OPPO F7 is slightly better than that of RealMe 1.

With the above-mentioned similarities and differences, it is quite evident that except for the lack of fingerprint scanner, lower quality camera, and a slightly smaller screen, the RealMe 1 gives quite a fight to the OPPO F7.

If a consumer is ok without the fingerprint sensor and some camera quality compromises, then it is tough to recommend him OPPO F7 over RealMe 1.

Considering the fact that the OPPO F7 is priced at approximately 21,000 Rs and the similarly specced RealMe 1 is priced at 11,000 Rs, it is hard to justify spending 10000 Rs extra just for a fingerprint scanner and a slightly better camera.

The Younger sibling seems to have delivered the knockout punch this time!

What do you think?

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