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10000 mAh Mi Power Bank 2i | Best Power Bank under 1000 ₹ in India | Unboxing & Review

10000 mAh Mi Power Bank 2i

10000 mAh Mi Power Bank 2i

Ever Since its inception, Xiaomi has been pioneering the budget technology market. It has not only launched value for money smartphones at affordable prices but also other tech products like the Mi Band and the Mi TV at very attractive and competitive prices.

Through this Xiaomi has enabled the budget class to access technology without paying a lot. Hence they have become very popular in both China and India.

Another such popular product, that they have launched, is the Mi Power bank.

Smartphones these days are becoming very capable with every passing day. The existing battery tech is unable to cope with the power requirements of these new smartphone capabilities.

Hence, a power bank becomes a very handy tool. It allows us to carry power, stored in high capacity batteries, in the palm of our hand and then charge & replenish our smartphone battery anytime, anywhere.

Power Banks have been around for quite some time. The Sony Power Banks were the most popular, to begin with. However, they were mostly of smaller capacities. Higher capacities were very expensive.

However, Xiaomi changed the whole scenario with high capacity and great quality power banks at affordable prices. It launched a 10,000 mAh power bank at under ₹ 1000. No wonder it went on to be a huge success for Xiaomi.

Now Xiaomi Has launched the refreshed version of its most successful power bank and here we take a look at it.


I purchased this power bank from Amazon India. If you are interested in buying this power bank then you can use the link below.

The Box of the power bank has a made in India sticker on the front, which means that it was at least assembled by Xiaomi in India.

10000 mAh Mi Power Bank 2i

This, in itself, is a great news for us and shows that slowly but surely, the Make in India campaign started by our Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji is gaining momentum.

There are some details of the power bank on the back side of the box.

10000 mAh Mi Power Bank 2i

Opening the box reveals the power bank itself, along with the user guide and other paperwork. A small USB to micro USB cable is also provided to charge the power bank.

10000 mAh Mi Power Bank 2i

Review - What's Great! 👍

  • The best part about this power bank is its built quality. It is made up of high-quality aluminum and it feels great in the hand. Though a bit slippery, it gives a premium feel and worth every bit of the money spent.

10000 mAh Mi Power Bank 2i

  • The power bank is of high capacity - 10,000 mAh. This allows you to fully charge your regular 3000 mAh battery smartphones at least 2 times.

  • The power bank has 2 USB ports allowing you to connect 2 devices at a time. This is something which was missing in the original 10000 mAh power bank.

  • The power bank supports 2 way Quick Charge. What it means is that you can still connect devices to it when it is charging itself. The power flows through to the connected devices, charging them first.

  • The standby times of the power bank are also great. You can charge it completely and leave it for almost 2 weeks and it will still retain 80-85 % change. I have tested it myself.

  • The power bank is slim, unlike the thick old version. This allows it to be stored anywhere easily.

10000 mAh Mi Power Bank 2i
Size Comparison with Redmi Note 3

10000 mAh Mi Power Bank 2i
Size Comparison with Redmi Note 3

Review - Whats Not! 👎

  • The power bank uses a micro USB port to charge itself. It would have been great to have a USB-C port.

  • The Power bank has one power button like before. However, it is very small and flush with the surface. Hence it is not always easy to press, especially at night.

Apart from these two, I don't find any negative aspects of this power bank. It is a well built and great tool to replenish smartphone batteries in the go.

Definitely, a must have for everyone!

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