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2-Factor Authentication - Should you use it? | Securing Online Data

2 Factor Authentication | Securing Online Data

why use 2 factor authentication

I am sure many of you may have come across this term 2-factor authentication. Many online websites provide this feature in your account and also ask you to enable it.

Yet, I am quite convinced that many of us haven't yet bothered to check what it actually is or to enable it.

In today's day and age, when all of our personal data is kept digitally in our online accounts, it becomes all the more necessary to use this feature as it is one of the easiest measures you can use to boost up your account security.

Lets first talk about what this actually is!

What is 2 Factor Authentication?

If you haven't yet deciphered the meaning from the name itself, 2-factor authentication means authenticating using a second factor or means.

By default, we use a password to login to our accounts.

With 2 factor authentication, we are required to enter a temporary numeric key along with our password.

This key is generated at the same time and can be delivered to the user either via an SMS or you can use a key generator app on your smartphone.

Should you use 2-factor authentication?


No doubts about it.

People usually feel enabling the 2 factor authentication is an added chore.

As is, entering passwords for all accounts everytime you browse the web is frustrating, especially when you are not using a password manager.

Add to that, entering the second factor becomes an additional frustration.

BUT...it is very important that we enable this additional security feature.

In today's times, most of our data and files are stored in cloud storage. Hence it is important for all of us to keep our accounts as secure as possible.

I also posted another article related to Online security. You can read it here!

People usually tend to create simple easy to remember passwords for their accounts. These are usually influenced by their birth dates or family member names.

This makes their passwords vulnerable to hacking.

Having the protection of an additional security key, which is randomly generated and is valid for a very short time, provides an additional layer of security.

This random key is very difficult for a hacker to guess within the time period that it is valid. Hence, even if he/she knows your password, the access to your account is still restricted to them. For that, the hacker would need access to your Smartphone or your mobile number which is highly unlikely.

Where can you use 2-factor authentication?

Almost all online accounts these days use 2-factor authentication. Even bank transactions also use 2-factor authentication for added security.

You can use 2-factor authentication in the following accounts :

  • Google account

  • Apple account

  • Facebook account

  • Twitter account

  • Instagram account

  • WhatsApp account

There may be many more but these are the most commonly used accounts.

I hope you found this article useful and if you are not using 2-factor authentication then you start using it.

If you need help enabling 2-factor authentication in any account, you need step by step guide, then let me know. Will post an article about it as well.

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