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Does Make In India make Smartphones cheaper? Yes! Look at iPhones!


Ever since our honorable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi Ji, came to power in 2014, his utmost focus has been to promote MAKE IN INDIA.

Many people have mocked this initiative of his.

However, if you look closely, it definitely helps in the long run.

It is not a scheme that can yield immediate results but if allowed to grow for some years, it can grow into a large fruit-bearing tree.

And we already have an example of this in our midst - The Apple iPhone SE.


make in india apple iphone

Apple iPhone SE is one of the most popular smartphones produced by Apple.

Despite its small form factor, its loved by many because many people don't wish to have a large phone. All they desire are smartphone capabilities in a compact form factor.

And the iPhone SE delivers on that front.

However, if you look at its current price in India, you will find that despite being one of the fastest iPhones out there, it is also one of the cheapest,

As of April 2018, the iPhone SE costs under ₹ 20,000.

This is a very attractive price and for anyone who does not desire a large screen, it is the best phone you can buy.

Even the older and slower iPhone 6 currently costs more than iPhone SE at around ₹ 25000.

You may wonder how come the newer iPhone SE costs less!

That is because Apple assembles the iPhone SE at its India facility in Bengaluru.

This allows it to cut extra expenses and offer the smartphone at a competitive price.

This clearly shows the effect MAKE IN INDIA can have on the prices of products.

Currently, the iPhone SE is only assembled in India. When, in future, all iPhone components are also produced in India, prices of iPhones can come down even further.

As of April 2018, Apple is also doing trial assembling of its iPhone 6S Plus models.

So one can expect its prices to come down as well in future.

Also, Xiaomi has been producing its budget phones in India for some years now. And look at the pricing they have been able to achieve. Their smartphones are one of the cheapest and most value for money you can buy.

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Make in India is a great Initiative, something India should have undertaken a long long time ago.

However its better late than never!

Many foreign companies are excited to set up shop in India. Recently Boeing announced a partnership with HAL and Mahindra to produce its f-18 Hornet in India.

This also includes Technology Transfer. All this will not only bring more jobs to India but also make India more and more self-reliant.

Also, in the long run, it will bring down prices of such products (& smartphones) and save India's Foreign cash reserves.

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