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Best case for iPhone SE / iPhone 5S | Apple iPhone Cases

Best iPhone Case | iPhone SE / iPhone 5S

iphone se/iphone 5s case

Smartphone cases are an important accessory these days.

With smartphones getting bigger and slimmer, dropping them is a very big and valid risk.

Nothing can hurt more than dropping your shining new smartphone on the ground and see its screen crack up.

Although, smartphones have become more durable than before, and their screens more capable of handling a fall, it is still a smart decision to invest in a smartphone case as a precautionary measure.

If you are a proud owner of an iPhone SE or an iPhone 5S, we bring you one of the best cases you can buy for the iPhone SE / iPhone 5s.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Crystal Clear Case

Spigen is a very popular brand when it comes to smartphone cases.

It has quite a variety of cases for many of the popular smartphones.

However, the one I prefer for almost all my smartphones (if I can find one), is the Spigen Ultra Hybrid Crystal Clear Case.


The best aspect of this case is that it has a rigid structure, yet it looks awesome.

There is a strong and capable bumper attached to a clear back plastic.

The back plastic is quite resistant to major scratches though it does scratch up on the inside if dust goes in.

But overall, it provides a great solid structure, which keeps the device safe from falls. The rigid structure of the case absorbs the impact of the fall and does not let the shock force reach the device. So the device and its screen stay safe, unlike other flexible cases.

The case, in its crystal clear avatar, looks amazing as one can see the look of the iPhone. It also feels great in the hand and is comfortable to hold.

I myself have used this case for both - the iPhone Se as well as the iPhone 5S.

Has worked really well for me. The bumper and the back plastic really save the smartphone from regular accidental falls.

Yes, there are 2 more styles that spigen produces. but I don't like them. I prefer this rigid case.

It fits the device perfectly, has a great in hand feel and saves the iPhone from damage during accidental drops.


There are a few issues that I have found in these cases though.

  • The back plastic is attached to the bumper with a strong glue. But in adverse conditions like constant exposure to excessive heat can reduce the effect of the glue. This can lead to the bumper coming free in some areas. This is a bad situation and case needs to be replaced to maintain device safety.

  • The clear case bumper turns slightly yellowish after prolonged use. It's natural with the kind of rubber used in such cases. Though not a deal breaker, Gold, Rose Gold and Silver iPhones can look dirty around the edges when this happens. 

Apart from these two minor niggles, I haven't found much to hate in these cases. In fact, I like them very much and would definitely recommend to everyone.

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