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What Android Smartphone Companies should learn from Jio Phone ?!!

Android Smartphone | Jio Phone

SOURCE: Jio India Website

The launch of Reliance Jio in India has definitely been a huge turning point in India's digital revolution.

The effect that Jio has had in the Indian mobile landscape has been profound.

The call tariffs have become totally non-existent and the data changes, which used to be expensive before, became cheaper.

So much so that everyone, be it an urban city dweller or a rural farmer, got access to it and use it extensively today. Every Indian is now connected to the world of Internet today.

In fact, it won't be wrong to say the Indian Smartphone and Mobile carrier history can be clearly differentiated as "BEFORE JIO" and "AFTER JIO".
Apart from launching this groundbreaking mobile revolution, Reliance Jio also launched a budget-friendly feature phone for those who don't wish to use a smartphone. This, they called The Jio Phone.

This phone allows them the convenience of a small phone like the old Nokia's but with 4G data and other features of a smartphone.

But there is one standout feature that Jio Phone, costing only ₹1500/-, has that smartphones costing as high as ₹30,000/- don't have.

Screen Mirroring To TV

Though smartphone screens are growing bigger and bigger by the day, nothing can beat the size of the full-fledged television in our homes.

Don't we all sometimes find ourselves wishing for a way to show, whatever is on our phone screen, on a television?

The most frustrating part is that even though we wish for this, smartphone manufacturers haven't really given this much of a thought.

Most smartphones, even as expensive as ₹30,000/- don't support screen mirroring via a cable.
Yes...Yes...I know!

You will say, but there is Chromecast and Fire TV stick which allow doing almost the same wirelessly.


But, not everyone may have wifi in their home. Not everyone may be as technically sound to handle all such gadgets. 

Plus, wireless mirroring would require really high wifi bandwidth. Else playback will be very laggy.
Having a cable that can easily connect to HDMI in a TV is so much better and easy. Plus a wired connection will ensure smooth playback.

Jio Phone supports wired Screen Mirroring | Jio Media Cable

jio media cable
Source: Jio India Website
Jio has launched a cable called Jio Media Cable.

Using this cable, jio phone can be connected to any television and its screen can be mirrored.

So for showing photos, watching movies on jio cinema app or watching TV on Jio TV app, everything can be done on a big tv without a wifi connection.

Unfortunately, most smartphones don't support this!

I have found that Apple iPhones support this using their custom adapter. High-end Samsung phones also support it using their own adapter using MHL technology

But rest of them lack support.

Even Google's own Pixel smartphones don't support this, as far as I have found in my research.

The future is definitely wireless, but why not provide an option which majority of people are going to use.

Apple, being a company that supports a wireless future and removed the headphone jack because of it, still support this technology.

So why can't the Android smartphone manufacturers?

I wish Android Smartphone makers copy this one feature from Jio Phone!

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