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Stabilize Video | Android | How to turn shaky footage into smooth video! | Tech Tips

Stabilize Video | Android

Videos have always been a great way to capture an event or a moment. They help you revisit old memories and relive the experience. And since now all phones have this capability, the quantity of video recorded is at an all-time high.
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But just having a camera doesn't automatically yield a good looking video.

Most of the smartphone cameras shoot good video but don't have any form of stabilization built in. 

More often than not, this results in the video becoming shaky and in most cases not suitable for viewing or sharing with friends & family.


Till now, in order to stabilize the video footage, one needed expensive desktop software like Adobe Premiere.
However, it's not possible for everyone to get access to them. Nor can everyone afford them.

But thanks to Google and its Machine Learning algorithms, we can now easily stabilize our personal videos.

Google has built this functionality into its Google Photos app on Android & is very easy to use.

If you are not using Google photos to store your pics, read here to know why you definitely should give it a try.


First up, install the google photos app from the google play store if you don't have it installed. Then open it and select the video you want to stabilize from the list of photos and videos.

Click the edit icon as shown in the image.

Then click the stabilize button at the bottom.
Depending on the size of the video, the stabilization process may take anywhere from few seconds to a few minutes.

When the process is completed, a SAVE button will appear at the top right corner. Click this and a new stabilized copy of the video file will be created on your phone.


Good question! Before I share some technical information on how Google achieves this amazing feat, why don't you check out for yourself on how good the stabilization is. Click Below to watch the video.


Well, you are not alone. Google does an amazing job at stabilizing an otherwise shaky video and makes it usable and watchable.

So how does Google do it?

Google crops into the video a bit and then its smart machine learning algorithms make the remaining video frame very smooth.

It is behind the scene magic of Google's powerful algorithms. Its similar to what it uses to deliver exceptionally smooth videos from its Google Pixel & Google Pixel 2 smartphone family. The cameras on these smartphones use an even advanced version of this algorithm.

I hope this trick will be useful to you. Let me if it worked for you or not in the comments below.
Also, let me know if you know of any other way to stabilize a video clip on a smartphone.
All suggestions are welcome!

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