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Huawei Band 2 | Unboxing and Review | Best Fitness Band under 5000 | India

Huawei Band 2 | Best Fitness Band under 5000, India

best fitness band under 5000 india

Fitness bands are a rage these days. Every company wants to enter this market to offer some sort of wearable device to complement their smartphones.

But since its not possible for every company to develop their own smartwatch, they bring out a fitness band or fitness tracker. Its much easier to develop and ensures the company's presence in the smart wearable market.

As always, the budget market of smart wearables is most heavily contested with many companies trying to bring out smart bands at competitive prices.


Till now Xiaomi has been leading this segment with its Mi Band and the Mi Band 2.

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But now Huawei and its subsidiary Honor have also entered the market and are giving tough competition.

Huawei has been launching its band for a couple of years now and its Huawei Band 2 is one of the best budget fitness bands.
Huawei ERS-B19 Band 2 Classic Activity Tracker (Black)
Lets check out the unboxing and my personal review.


The fitness band I ordered was from Amazon.in.

The over all packaging is very good and premium feeling. I found it as good as that found on the 15000 rs Fitbit tracker So top marks to Huawei for such good packaging for a band priced under rs 5000.

best fitness band under 5000 india

The back of the package shows all the features of the band. The tracker is water resistant and can track swimming as well. 

It has breathing exercise mode built in. 

Has automatic sleep tracking as well as automatic and continuous heart rate monitor.
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best fitness band 5000 india

It supports both Android and iOS platforms. Android 4.4 and above and iOS 8 and above are compatible.

It can mirror notifications from the smartphone to the band it connected via bluetooth.

The packaging says 21 days of battery life, but more on this later. 

The Band itself comes with a small USB to micro USB cable and a charging cradle. This is supported by some documents. Thats all for the unboxing and box contents.


best fitness band under 5000 india

The band itself is very well built. Its rubber strap is easy on the skin and very soft and smooth to the touch.

It has a secure loop and connection so no need to worry aboyt it falling off.

The screen is a good quality Black and white screen which is not touch sensitive. There is a small part at the bottom of the screen which supports touch and is used to cycle through the various options.

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The band needs to be setup using the Huawei Wear app availaible on both Android as well as iOS.

All settings need to be managed via the app.

One can only monitor the heart rate and start and exercise tracking via the band.

best fitness band under 5000 india

The best part about this band is the way it charges. Most band need to be removed from its straps to charge.

But this band has 2 pins at the back. The charging cradle easily attached itself at the back and charges the band.

best fitness band under 5000 india

best fitness band under 5000 india

I found the battery life to be almost 20 days as advertised. BUT, it was with continuous heart rate monitoring and notifications off.

With just the heart rate monitoring on, i found the battery life to last almost 12 days.

This is still pretty good for the price as you get pretty accurate heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring as well as step count monitoring.

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Heart Rate Monitoring | Sleep Tracking

The heart rate monitoring is quite accurate. I matched with a fitbit as well as an Apple watch and results were quite close, within the margin of error.

All in all I would rate it a pretty good and accurate heart rate monitor for the price.

Sleep tracking is automatic and works really well.
Step counter is quite decent as well.

Counting steps accurately is definitely a big ask for any fitness band and the normal issues faced by any other fitness band is faced by Huawei as well here.

But the fitness band seemed to be well within the margin of error.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I would rate the Huawei Band 2 as a very value for money band. It offers a lot for the price it asks which is jusy 3700 rs.

Huawei ERS-B19 Band 2 Classic Activity Tracker (Black)

The automatic heart rate sensor is pretty accurate.

So is the automatic sleep tracking.

Charging the band is one of the easiest i have found in this price range.

And the battery too lasts respectably long.

Overall, it is a very good option for anyone in the market to buy a budget fitness band.

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