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Dropped your Smartphone in Water? Here is what you should do! | Tech Tips

Wet Smartphone | Do's and Dont's

wet smartphone

Smartphones are one of the most essential part of our lives these days.

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They not only allow us to communicate with our friends and family, but also allow to stay in touch with latest news and events, while we are on the go.

Smartphones today have large amounts of built in storage and they store lots of data such as documents and photos.

And thus, it can be very frustrating if the smartphone gets damaged!
A cracked screen can be replaced, but a smartphone damaged by water can die completely, taking all the data it had, with it to its grave.

Hence, in this post we will share some Do's and Dont's that you should follow if you ever accidently drop your phone in water. 
Though many high end phones these days are built to withstand such accidental drops, most budget to mid range smartphones still dont have this feature.

So till the time, IP rating or water resistance becomes a confirmed feature in all phones, you should definitely keep in mind the following things.


So your smartphone has unwantingly taken a bath!

Now what to do?

  • First, you should power off the smartphone immediately. It may be possible that some water may have gone inside and if current flows through it, the smartphone motherboard can get short-circuited, killing the phone completely.

  • Once the phone is powered off, wipe the phone with a towel or tissues to soak in any water present on the phone. Make sure to drain all the open ports, like headphone jack and charging port, completely. You can use a hair dryer as well to blow hot air to dry the moisture as much as possible.

  • Once the phone is as dray as you can make it, put it in a bag or jar of rice. Rice is considered a good absorbant of moisture. So it will absorb any remaining moisture left on and inside the smartphone. You can also use silica packets in place of rice.
bag of rice

  • Let the phone stay in the rice jar for 2-3 days. Be patient!

  • After 2-3 days, take out the phone and check ot its turning on. If its not, don't panic! battery might have died. Try charging before trying again. 

  • If the phone works, Great! If it doesn't it might have endured some internal damage! Visit a service center or Buy a new phone, preferably with water resistance as a feature!


  • Don't try and use the phone after it has subjected to water. It might damage the circuitboard.

  • Don't try to open the phone yourself. It might cause further damage.

  • Dont try to charge the phone without drying the charging port completely as mentioned above. The port may get short circuited.

The above mentioned steps do work. But Patience is the Key! 

I myself am aware of a situation where the phone, declared compkletely dead by the service center, started working after a week!

I hope you liked this post. If you know of any other way, let me know in the comments below.

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