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Nokia 6 2018 | A Definite Winner...If Priced Right! | Phones under ₹15,000

Nokia 6 2018 Edition UPDATE: With the launch price of Rs 16999/-, Nokia has once again shot itself in the foot. With competition breathing down its neck and offering better and more at this price, Its hard to recommend this smartphone. Its expensive by 2000/- Rs.

HMD Global has been trying hard to rebuild the Iconic Nokia brand by making and selling Android Smartphones under this brand name for some time now.
Even though the smartphones they have built have been quite sturdy and with all the essential features, the pricing (IMHO) hasn't allowed them to taste the kind of success they can.
Despite great devices, they haven't been able to match up to their chinese competitors like Xiaomi and Honor (Huawei).
Take the recently launched Nokia 1, for example. It is a solid device but priced wrong. You can read my detailed thoughts here. 
With the impending April 4th, 2018 event in India, HMD Global seems to be preparing to launch its latest Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 8 Sirocco as well as th…

Dropped your Smartphone in Water? Here is what you should do! | Tech Tips

Wet Smartphone | Do's and Dont's
Smartphones are one of the most essential part of our lives these days.

Read here, What smartphone companies should learn from JioPhone!
They not only allow us to communicate with our friends and family, but also allow to stay in touch with latest news and events, while we are on the go.
Smartphones today have large amounts of built in storage and they store lots of data such as documents and photos.
And thus, it can be very frustrating if the smartphone gets damaged! A cracked screen can be replaced, but a smartphone damaged by water can die completely, taking all the data it had, with it to its grave.

Hence, in this post we will share some Do's and Dont's that you should follow if you ever accidently drop your phone in water.  Though many high end phones these days are built to withstand such accidental drops, most budget to mid range smartphones still dont have this feature.

So till the time, IP rating or water resistance becomes a c…

Stabilize Video | Android | How to turn shaky footage into smooth video! | Tech Tips

Stabilize Video | Android
Videos have always been a great way to capture an event or a moment. They help you revisit old memories and relive the experience. And since now all phones have this capability, the quantity of video recorded is at an all-time high.
Try the new Google app to take Portrait Selfies
You can now experience AR or Augmented Reality on any Android device. Read How! 

THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH MOST SMARTPHONE CAMERAS... But just having a camera doesn't automatically yield a good looking video.

Most of the smartphone cameras shoot good video but don't have any form of stabilization built in. 
More often than not, this results in the video becoming shaky and in most cases not suitable for viewing or sharing with friends & family.

SO...WHAT DO WE DO? Till now, in order to stabilize the video footage, one needed expensive desktop software like Adobe Premiere.
However, it's not possible for everyone to get access to them. Nor can everyone afford them.

But t…

Nokia 1 launched in India | Average Specs, Disappointing Price! | First Impressions

Nokia 1 | Overpriced Smartphone
I sometimes really don't understand what smartphone companies actually think before launching smartphones at horrendous prices.
Do they even look at the market they are entering!
HMD Global has been trying really hard to bring back the Nokia brand by launching Android smartphones under the Nokia brand name.
However, I personally feel, its pricing has not allowed it to reap the kind of success it can.
Android Smartphone market, especially the under ₹ 20,000 price bracket, is too competitive.
There are so many smartphones available in such a vast array of configurations, it is hard to choose.
The regular consumer is already spoilt for choices. The only way to stand out is to offer more for less.
Android Smartphone Companies should definitely learn this from JioPhone!
However, Nokia phones have been offering exactly the opposite.
Take for example this Newly launched Nokia 1 in India.

NOKIA 1 Specifications Lets first check out the specifications before tal…

What Android Smartphone Companies should learn from Jio Phone ?!!

Android Smartphone | Jio Phone
The launch of Reliance Jio in India has definitely been a huge turning point in India's digital revolution.
The effect that Jio has had in the Indian mobile landscape has been profound.
The call tariffs have become totally non-existent and the data changes, which used to be expensive before, became cheaper.
So much so that everyone, be it an urban city dweller or a rural farmer, got access to it and use it extensively today. Every Indian is now connected to the world of Internet today.
In fact, it won't be wrong to say the Indian Smartphone and Mobile carrier history can be clearly differentiated as "BEFORE JIO" and "AFTER JIO". Apart from launching this groundbreaking mobile revolution, Reliance Jio also launched a budget-friendly feature phone for those who don't wish to use a smartphone. This, they called The Jio Phone.

This phone allows them the convenience of a small phone like the old Nokia's but with 4G data an…

Google Photos - Should you use it? Definitely!

Google Photos
Photos have always been an important part of our lives. Since the time of film cameras, people have been very passionate about clicking pictures and capturing memories which they can cherish later on. 

In those days, pictures were printed and kept safely in albums or attached to a photo book or scrapbook.

These days, with everyone having a portable camera on their smartphone, the number of photos being taken has dramatically increased. Having so many photos definitely brings to mind a very important question.
How to safely store these memories?After all, a phone can store only so many and no one would like to delete their photos.
This is where Google Photos app comes into the picture. Though there are other ways as well, I personally feel Google's offering is a better option. Read on and I will tell you why.

Try the new google Selfie app that takes Portrait Selfies.
WHAT IS "GOOGLE PHOTOS"?Google photos, as the name suggests, is a Google product. Initially, it was…

Xiaomi Redmi 5 | Not worth your money! | First Impressions

Redmi 5 | First Impressions Today, on 14 March 2018, Xiaomi launched a new model of its Redmi lineup - the Redmi 5.

When Xiaomi had announced this smartphone first in China some time back, it was one of the most awaited smartphones in India.

Everyone waited for Xiaomi to launch this handset in India.

But after today's launch in India, is this smartphone worth your money? Or are their better options available...?
Let's find out!

Not worth the price! There, I said it!
Redmi 5 is not worth the money at all!
Let's see why!

Honor Band 2 Review | Best budget fitness band!
Redmi 5 has been launched in 3 variations. Let's check them out.
2 GB RAM & 16 GB Storage This storage variant of the Redmi 5 has just 2 GB RAM & 16 GB of storage and has been priced at ₹7999/-
This is absolutely horrendous pricing. Even cheaper Redmi 3s models had higher ram and storage.
Why pay ₹8000 for just an addition of 18:9 screen when you can buy better phones for just ₹5000/-.Check out the Sma…

Huawei Band 2 | Unboxing and Review | Best Fitness Band under 5000 | India

Huawei Band 2 | Best Fitness Band under 5000, India
Fitness bands are a rage these days. Every company wants to enter this market to offer some sort of wearable device to complement their smartphones.

But since its not possible for every company to develop their own smartwatch, they bring out a fitness band or fitness tracker. Its much easier to develop and ensures the company's presence in the smart wearable market.

As always, the budget market of smart wearables is most heavily contested with many companies trying to bring out smart bands at competitive prices.

Till now Xiaomi has been leading this segment with its Mi Band and the Mi Band 2.

I Hate Xiaomi! Click here to read why...!
But now Huawei and its subsidiary Honor have also entered the market and are giving tough competition.

Huawei has been launching its band for a couple of years now and its Huawei Band 2 is one of the best budget fitness bands.Huawei ERS-B19 Band 2 Classic Activity…

Best Phone under 5000 Rupees | March 2018 | Android phones | India

Best Phone under 5000 Rs | Android Phones
The biggest contribution of Android to the world has been the variety and options.

Since Android is open source, there are so many smartphones available at different price points.
So no matter what your requirement or budget may be, you always have an option available.

The budget segment of the Indian smartphone market has been very competitive over the last few years with multiple smartphone launches at attractive price points, spoiling the consumer for choice.
We now have smartphones under 5000 Rs, a price no one thought would be possible!!! In this post, we share 2 smartphones that should be in your consideration if you are looking for a new smartphone under Rs 5000.

So let's start...!!!

Looking for a Fitness Band under 5000 Rs? Check this review!

Tenor D | Rs 4999/-
The best Android smartphone available under Rs 5000 is the TENOR D.
For Rs 4999/-, you get an amazing handset with some great specifications.

Get some amazing and Unique Wal…

War for the Redmi Note 5/Note 5 pro | I hate you Xiaomi !

Redmi Note 5 / Redmi Note 5 pro Yes!
I hate Xiaomi!
But it's not because they make bad phones.

On the contrary, they make awesome smartphones at jaw dropping prices.
They keep the competition in the budget segment running.
Yet, I still hate them!
Why? You ask.

Flash sales As I already said, Xiaomi makes some of the best phones in the budget price range.
In fact, it won't be wrong to say that they are the budget segment champions.
Read our posts about the REDMI NOTE 5 PRO
Looking to buy a fitness band under 5000 rs? Read this review
But I really hate them for their sales model.
Why on earth do I have to participate in flash sales just to buy a phone. Especially when I am more than willing to pay the full price for it!

Every week, a new sale starts and I have to stop everything I am doing, no matter how important it is, and be part of a crowded rush to grab the phone I desire.
Every time I hope to buy one, it gets sold out within 2 seconds.
Its like a war that I have to fight eve…

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