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TeamViewer - Screen sharing on iPhone | iOS 11 | TeamViewer Quick Support

TeamViewer Quick Support

I am sure you must have heard of TeamViewer. It is a very popular software that allows users to remotely share their screens. This is very helpful as it enables people to remotely access devices over long distances.

For a long time, this software was limited to desktops as they were the primary usage devices and this software really helped in collaborations as well as troubleshooting. 

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However, with the popularity and usage of mobile devices growing each day, this software made its way into the mobile space as well, allowing users to share their mobile screens to others remotely.

Android, because of its open nature, had the necessary APIs to enable this functionality. However, because of its famed privacy policy, Apple had not yet allowed TeamViewer to provide such functionality on iOS. It only allowed the functionality to access other devices but not screen sharing.

Not until NOW!


iOS 11

Lets state this first. Only devices running iOS 11 will able to use this feature. All other devices like iPhone 5 & iPhone 5c will not be able to make use of this functionality.

This is because iOS 11 brought a new API which allows screen recording of this device. It is pretty limited and basic in nature and hence there is no threat to anyone's privacy.

However, working with TeamViewer, Apple allowed them to use this API to provide remote screen share functionality which was missing till now. This is a very welcome feature and can definitely be used for collaborating, remote sharing and troubleshooting.
But before we delve further into how this works, I have a small request.

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For this, we need a new app that has been released by TeamViewer. Currently, there are 2 main apps.
The first app has been around for some time and allows iOS users to remotely access other desktops and Android phones.

The second is a new app that has been built to support the discussed feature. In order to share the screen with another iPhone, Android or desktop, we need to have this QUICK SUPPORT app installed.

I will share images on how to set it up and use below but if you want to watch it in action via video, then there is a video link below with PLAY text. You can directly watch that to know more.


When you open the app for the first time, you get asked for permission to send notifications. ALLOW this permission so that you get notified when someone wants to connect to your device.

Then a splash screen shows the initial setup one needs to do. This is about enabling the SCREEN RECORDING feature. 

This functionality is enabled by enabling a toggle in control center. If you already have it enabled, GREAT. 

If not, just go to SETTINGS, the CONTROL CENTER and then CUSTOMISE. Select the + in from of SCREEN RECORDING to add it.


Open the Quick Support app on your iPhone and the remote control app on any other device. In this case, I am using an Android smartphone, Redmi note 3, to demonstrate how screen sharing will work.

When the iPhone app has connected to the internet, it will generate a partner id. Open the remote control app on the other device and enter the partner id in the field to connect. A popup will show on the iPhone asking for permission to connect. Allow it.

Then, there is a small step that needs to be done. Swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone to open the control center. Then 3D touch on the screen recording icon. For devices not having 3D touch, just long press.

A new popup will show. It will show 2 options. Camera Roll & TeamViewer. By default, camera roll will be selected. What it means is that any screen recording will be saved to your camera roll.

Select TeamViewer and click START BROADCAST. This will start screen recording which will be broadcasted immediately to the other device. Now your iPhone screen is being projected to the other device. The screen is coming small because iPhone used here is an iPhone 5s which a small resolution screen. Whereas the other device has Full HD screen.

You can watch the hands-on video here:


It's a great feature, however, there are few things you should know. Since a video is being recorded and immediately broadcasted to the other device, the fluidity of screen sharing will vary from person to person and device to device.

Older devices like iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 might show some stutter and lag whereas newer devices like the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus, or even iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 plus, might share video smoothly.

It will also depend on the Internet bandwidth. Areas with good signal and high bandwidth will show smooth sharing and in areas with a weaker signal, lag will be quite apparent.
ONE MORE THING to keep in mind is that currently this functionality only allows iPhone users to share their screen. The other person cannon remotely control the iPhone.
But all in all, it's a very useful feature and a great addition to iOS. Whats more, all users having devices that run the latest iOS 11 were able to receive and use this feature with just one update. This is one area where Apple definitely has an edge over its competitors.
What do you think about this feature? Try it out if you are an iPhone user and let me know. If you face any issues, feel free to share them.

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