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Selfissimo | New Google Selfie app for Android Smartphone & iPhone

SEFISSIMO | Google Selfie App

selfie app from google

Selfissimo is a new Google app brought by the Research team at Google Inc. It is a photography app which uses AI algorithms to take selfies. 


It is a very basic app at present. Has no settings whatsoever. You just start the app and it takes black and white (monochrome) selfies. Whats unique is the fact that the AI algorithms automatically analyze when you are in a pose and not moving.


It automatically keeps taking a picture until the time you are completely still. When you start moving to make a different pose, it pauses.
It keeps taking pictures as and when you pose. To stop, you can tap anywhere on the screen.
Whats amazing is that it blurs the background and gives you a portrait selfie, JUST LIKE THE GOOGLE PIXEL CAMERA
Once you have tapped the screen to stop, you are taken to an inbuilt gallery where all the photos taken are shown to you. You can select the images you like and save them to your main gallery.

As far as I can tell, the images taken do have some sort of machine learning processing. The selfies from default camera app of a smartphone and selfissimo have some differences. 

Selfissimo images appear slightly better.
You can try out the app, its free!
Android - Play Store
Apple - iTunes


The only downfall is that images are black and white. You cant shoot color. Also, you can only shoot selfies.
It seems to be a processor intensive app due to AI algorithms running in the background.
I tested it on an LG G5. Seemed to run well. But it was slightly slower on an iPhone 5s.

So its performance may vary on different phones. It may improve later on.

It seems more like a test app for future features to come on a Google Pixel Smartphone.
Test out the app and let us know what you think.
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