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Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus | The same old galaxy with a better camera !

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus

samsung galaxy s9 plus
SOURCE: Galaxy S9/S9+ samsung.com

If you are a tech enthusiast like me, you must have been quite excited about the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus at the February 2018 Samsung Unpacked event.

Samsung, in its teaser had promised a redesigned Smartphone and a redesigned camera.

However, what we got was only the half of what was promised.

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Here's what about feel about the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus.

A New Camera Experience

samsung galaxy s9 plus
SOURCE: Galaxy S9/S9+ samsung.com

Samsung, for the past few years now has been leading the way when it comes to camera hardware. It has had one of the best Smartphone cameras for some time now. 

And the Samsung galaxy S9 and S9 plus seems to be no exception.

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Samsung has taken things a level above the competition and introduced what I think is the first in the industry - Variable Aperture Lens.

Regular camera have lenses whose aperture can be changed. However Smartphone cameras have always had fixed aperture lenses.

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But for first time, Samsung has introduced variable aperture lens. The lens can open wide to f/1.5 and can stop down to f/2.4 depending on the shooting conditions.

This is a great technological advancement and paves the way for the future of SMARTPHONE photography.
Also, the plus model now has a telephoto lens just like the Galaxy Note 8. 

In addition to that there are some software features that are trying to be an alternative to the Google lens and Google Translate.

The Same Old Galaxy

samsung galaxy s9
SOURCE: Galaxy S9/S9+ samsung.com

The rest of the phone is the same old device we have been seeing for some years now.

We saw this design first in galaxy S6 edge. This was then refined with infinity display on the Galaxy S7 which was then further refined in Galaxy S8.

And with Galaxy S9, we get the same old phone...!!

But as they say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!!

Then why does Apple get so much hate for same iPhone design, I WONDER!

Of course, the processor has been updated. But rest almost everything remains same.

Its another boring Galaxy S upgrade for the second time in a row (galaxy s8 wasn't much of an upgrade either).

I guess Samsung fans will have to wait out till the next Galaxy Note for some excitement!

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  1. I got at&t note 8 that i unlocked from https://letsunlockphone.com/p/samsung-galaxy-note-8-unlock-code/ and after release of s9 i dont think i'm missing out much.


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