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AR - Augmented Reality on Android | Google Motion Stills

AR - Augmented Reality on Android

AR or Augmented reality is getting more popular these days, even more than VR.

This is because the practical applications of AR are more profound and exciting. On top of that, it is much easier to experience AR on a large number of devices.

With iOS 11, Apple opened the doors of AR to its users by offering developers tools, using which, they can offer amazing AR experiences to the end user.

This has led to the creation of amazing apps like a measuring tape which uses the phone camera to measure the length of objects or AR games that can be played on any surface in your house and viewed through the screen of your phone.

Even Amazon has introduced AR using Apple's API to its shopping app in some countries, where you can actually put or view an object placed in your room in real time before buying.


Google has been for very long working on project Tango which would enable AR experiences on Android. However that required very specific hardware and only a couple of phones were launched with that capability, all of which flopped.

After Apple's success, Google has shelved Tango plans and has started work on mass user AR api called AR core.

Initial impressions of this can be experienced by all of us on our Android devices using the FREE Google app called Motion Stills

Download Motions Stills from Play Store Here.

This app was initially designed by Google to offer Live photo and Gif creation functionality to Android users. Now they have added an AR mode to it as well.


Check out the first-hand view in this video. It has been tesyed on a Redmi Note 3.

When we open the app, the app opens in Motion Still mode by default. We get AR mode on the left.

After selecting it, we get some AR sticker options that we can use to experience AR.

motion stills app by google

motion stills app by google

You can enlarge the stickers, make them face any side and record them or urself with them to share with your friends.

It is a nice way to start experiencing AR on your android phone. It's not as great as what Apple offers but its a start. And since it's a Google app, expect more amazing quality stickers to arrive in future.

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