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Xiaomi vs Honor - Who is winning?! | Budget Smartphone Wars | India

Xiaomi vs Honor
For the past couple of months, honor was on a roll. Starting from the last quarter of 2017, it had been busy launching Smartphone after Smartphone under the ₹20,000 price bracket, which can be called budget Smartphone range.

It started with the launch of Honor 9i, which was followed by the launch of Honor 7x and finally the Honor 9 lite.
Each Smartphone boasted of exciting specifications at attractive prices.BEST PHONE UNDER 5000 RS 
With these back to back 3 launches, Honor was almost dominating the ₹10,000-20000 price bracket.
However, the dominance hasn't lasted long!!
CHECK out our WALLPAPER blog for unique and amazing Wallpapers for your Smartphone Xiaomi Returns For many years now, Xiaomi brand has been synonymous with quality budget Smartphones. 
They have had multiple successful devices in the ₹10,000-20,000 price bracket.
And the brand had once again returned to regain the crown and enforce its dominance.

Enter, the Redmi Note 5 and Redmi Note 5 pro. 


Amazon Prime Music now available in India to all Prime users !

Amazon Prime Music
Amazon has finally launched its music streaming service in India.
Though it had already launched its video streaming service in India, its music streaming service was not offered to the Indian consumers till now. 
But now, the wait is over!
We now have access to Amazon Prime Music in India.  How to access

Indian consumers will be able to access the Amazon Prime Music service via its app both on iOS as well as Android devices.
Apart from native apps, it will also be accessible as a web app for desktop users.
It will also support chromecast.
It will have Alexa voice support to search for songs and will allow offline downloads. It will also be ad free.
Download the app for Android Download the app for iPhone Web app for desktop

First Look : Android app

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus | The same old galaxy with a better camera !

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus
If you are a tech enthusiast like me, you must have been quite excited about the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus at the February 2018 Samsung Unpacked event.
Samsung, in its teaser had promised a redesigned Smartphone and a redesigned camera.
However, what we got was only the half of what was promised.
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Here's what about feel about the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus.

A New Camera Experience
Samsung, for the past few years now has been leading the way when it comes to camera hardware. It has had one of the best Smartphone cameras for some time now. 
And the Samsung galaxy S9 and S9 plus seems to be no exception.
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Samsung has taken things a level above the competition and introduced what I think is the first in the industry - Variable Aperture Lens.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro | Top 5 best features of this Android Smartphone !

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro | Best Phone under 15000
Redmi Note 5 Pro is the latest and greatest Redmi Note smartphone launched by Xiaomi in India. One look at the device and its specifications show that its one of the best Xiaomi has built till now.
With its all metal built and 18:9 full view screen, the device looks absolutely amazing.
But that is not the best feature of the smartphone.
Here in this post, we will share the top 5 amazing features that make this phone the best in its class and a must buy.
You can read about our initial thoughts about Redmi note 5 pro here.

You should also read why you shouldn't buy the Redmi Note 5 ! 
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TOP 5 BEST FEATURES OF REDMI NOTE 5 PRO FACE UNLOCK -Face unlock is the all new rage. Sure Android implemented this feature way back with Android Ice Cream Sandwich, it never gained popularity…

Flipkart Moto Days Sale | Is the sale worth your money? | February 2018

Flipkart Moto Days Sale | February 2018 Amazon and Flipkart have really changed our lives forever. 
Thanks to these online shopping websites, shipping from the comfort of our home has become so easy.
And whats more!
Due to such great competition between the two, there are always amazing sale days running.
Now, Motorola is hosting a 3 day (22-24 february 2018) promotional sale in association with Flipkart.
It is offering discounts on 3 of it's devices. But are these devices worth it even at these new prices, let's have a look!

Moto Z2 Play
To be very honest, this is an amazing device. 
The phone is of solid build quality. Has a gorgeous 5.5 inch FullHD Super AMOLED display with gorilla glass.Check out amazing and unique WALLPAPERS for your Smartphone!Good quality 12 mp back camera with f/1.7 lens.Great selfie camera with LED selfie flash.4 GB ram and 64 gb internal storage expandable upto 2 TB via SD CARD.3000 mAh battery with fast charging.Fingerprint sensorSupport for Moto Mo…

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 | The Mid Range Smartphone you should be waiting for!

Xiaomi Mi Max 3
Xiaomi has been one company that has always been in the news, sometimes for good and sometimes for bad reasons.
Some of its Smartphones have received praise from the users while some have been criticised heavily.
No wonder it's referred to as the Apple of China since no other company is as extremely loved or criticised.
But this has not scared away Xiaomi from taking bold risks.
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One of the biggest risks it took was launching of the Mi Max series. Till that time, only note series phoned were popular with max 5.8 inch screens.
However, with the Max series, Xiaomi pushed the boundaries even further with a screen larger than 6 inches.
Haters wished for the device to fail but it still succeeded. And now its time ti welcome the third generation device of this series.
EXPECTED SPECIFICATIONS Mi max max series has always been about large screens in a large form factor. This has also allowed Xiaomi to pack in a h…

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 | The smartphone we neither deserve nor need!

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5
I sometimes wonder, what does Xiaomi think before launching its smartphones.
Do they even have a logical discussion about the smartphone that they plan to launch?
Time and again Xiaomi have launched products that just confuse the people. And now again, with the launch of Redmi Note 5, they have done the same!
Redmi Note 5 : Why?

Back in the day, with the Redmi Note 3, Xiaomi checked all the boxes and delivered a winner.

Yes, the camera was underwhelming, but the Snapdragon 650 processor with 32/64 gb storage and 3/4 gb ram was an amazing package.

A 5.5 inch full hd display with 4000 mAh battery was the cherry on the top.

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Then came the Redmi Note 4. It was only a refinement of the note 3. Nothing game-changing. Though it was a slight …

Best Camera Smartphone under Rs 15000 | February 2018

These days there are so many smartphones under the Rs 15000 price bracket. Many of these come equipped with a pretty capable camera.
The camera in these smartphones takes pretty decent pictures, especially in daylight scenarios.
Planning to buy the Redmi Note 5? READ WHY YOU SHOULDN'T?Looking for a fitness band under 5000 rs? Read this review
But what is the best, the ultimate camera smartphone right now in under Rs 15000?
In this post, we share you the best smartphone you can buy if you want the ultimate best camera performance available right now for under Rs 15000.

Have a budget of under 5000 Rs? Check out the best smartphone you can buy right now!
HONOR 8 | Best camera phone under 15000
Honor 8 is an old phone from Honor (Huawei) but is still very much relevant in today's times.

Honor 8 has been built amazingly well and has a great camera which performs well in all scenarios.

It has 2 12 mp sensors at the back. One of which is a monochrome…

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro | Best Redmi Note ever but Should you buy it?

XIAOMI Redmi Note 5 Pro Xiaomi, on Wednesday 14th February 2018, launched its latest Redmi Note phones in India.

Xiaomi launched the Redmi Note 5 and the Redmi Note 5 pro.

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In this post, I will share my thoughts and opinions about the Redmi Note 5 pro.

CHECK OUT AMAZING WALLPAPERS FOR YOUR SMARTPHONE. Redmi Note 5 pro On paper, the Redmi Note 5 pro looks to be a beast of a smartphone. It has amazing specifications and features.

Let's check out some of the PRO'S of this device according to me
Great built quality at a cheap price starting at ₹13,999/-
Great quality 5.99 inch 18:9 LCD screen. Its one of the best in its class.
Supports a fast fingerprint scanner placed on the back side.
Dual camera setup at the back. Setup looks like the one found in an iPhone X. Camera quality seems to be much improved and …

AR - Augmented Reality on Android | Google Motion Stills

AR - Augmented Reality on Android AR or Augmented reality is getting more popular these days, even more than VR.
This is because the practical applications of AR are more profound and exciting. On top of that, it is much easier to experience AR on a large number of devices.
With iOS 11, Apple opened the doors of AR to its users by offering developers tools, using which, they can offer amazing AR experiences to the end user.

This has led to the creation of amazing apps like a measuring tape which uses the phone camera to measure the length of objects or AR games that can be played on any surface in your house and viewed through the screen of your phone.
Even Amazon has introduced AR using Apple's API to its shopping app in some countries, where you can actually put or view an object placed in your room in real time before buying.
WHAT ABOUT GOOGLE AND ANDROID? Google has been for very long working on project Tango which would enable AR experiences on Android. However that required…

Selfissimo | New Google Selfie app for Android Smartphone & iPhone

SEFISSIMO | Google Selfie App
Selfissimo is a new Google app brought by the Research team at Google Inc. It is a photography app which uses AI algorithms to take selfies. 

SELFISSIMOIt is a very basic app at present. Has no settings whatsoever. You just start the app and it takes black and white (monochrome) selfies. Whats unique is the fact that the AI algorithms automatically analyze when you are in a pose and not moving.

It automatically keeps taking a picture until the time you are completely still. When you start moving to make a different pose, it pauses.
It keeps taking pictures as and when you pose. To stop, you can tap anywhere on the screen.
Whats amazing is that it blurs the background and gives you a portrait selfie, JUST LIKE THE GOOGLE PIXEL CAMERAOnce you have tapped the screen to stop, you are taken to an inbuilt gallery where all the photos taken are shown to you. You can select the images you like and save them to your …

TeamViewer - Screen sharing on iPhone | iOS 11 | TeamViewer Quick Support

TeamViewer Quick Support
I am sure you must have heard of TeamViewer. It is a very popular software that allows users to remotely share their screens. This is very helpful as it enables people to remotely access devices over long distances.

For a long time, this software was limited to desktops as they were the primary usage devices and this software really helped in collaborations as well as troubleshooting. 

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However, with the popularity and usage of mobile devices growing each day, this software made its way into the mobile space as well, allowing users to share their mobile screens to others remotely.

Android, because of its open nature, had the necessary APIs to enable this functionality. However, because of its famed privacy policy, Apple had not yet allowed TeamViewer to provide such functionality on iOS. It only allowed the functionality to access other devices but not screen sharing.

Not until NOW!


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