SIRI Shortcuts in iOS 12 - A Game Changer | Tech Talks

Apple recently pushed out the final stable release of iOS 12 to all of the eligible devices in the Apple ecosystem. Apple labels iOS 12 as a performance-focused release, but there are still many interesting user-facing features present.

I have covered the best features of iOS 12 in a separate article. YOU CAN READ IT HERE FOR MORE DETAILS!
One of the most amazing features, IMHO, is the SIRI Shortcuts. Though many android fanboys and tech critics have criticised Apple of still not doing enough when launching SIRI shortcuts, I personally feel it is a very powerful and well thought out feature - something only Apple can do.

In this article, I will share my thoughts on why I believe SIRI shortcuts lays the foundation of an all-powerful SIRI assistant of the future.

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SIRI Despite being first to the whole digital assistant race, SIRI has been lagging behind …

Why does Apple iPhone XR exist? | Tech Talks

Apple announced some new products on September 12th, 2018 at their special event. This included the new iPhones that many were awaiting eagerly.

Like every year, most of the details about the design and naming scheme, of the products to be launched, had already leaked before.
Apple, however, did surprise us with a few amazing features at the event. The fall detection in the new Apple Watch series 4 is a nice addition, but the game-changing feature in my personal opinion is the ECG. It just takes the health features of the Apple watch to a whole new level. 
Also, the new 64 bit S4 SOC makes the watch future proof for years to come.
Even the iPhones had their fair share of surprises - some great, some disappointing!
The new and much more powerful A12 Bionic Chipset was the star of the show. Its sheer raw power looks to be a couple of years ahead of the competition already.
And then the updated camera sensors. It was great to see Apple get back to having a sensor with a 1.4-micron pixel…

OnePlus 6T FAQ - All Questions Answered | AskTheIndian

OnePlus is going to launch its new smartphone, the OnePlus 6T, very soon in October 2018. Sticking to its 6 monthly release cycle, the 6T will be the second Oneplus smartphone this year.

OnePlus has always been the most popular brand in the mid-range segment, thanks to it offering high-end specifications at mid-range prices. However, with the OnePlus 6, it is finally starting to inch towards the premium price segment. And we expect the Oneplus 6T to continue this trend.

Traditionally, the T upgrades haven't really been huge for OnePlus devices. However, this year seems to be slightly different. Below we have collected the answers to all the questions you may have about this device.

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In this post, we will answer the most commonly / frequently asked questions about the OnePlus 6T.
We will continue to update this with more questions that you ask us. If you can't find an answer to your question here,…

Xiaomi POCO F1 FAQ - All Questions Answered | AskTheIndian

Xiaomi is launching its new smartphone, under a new brand name POCO, in the Midrange price segment in the Indian Market - The POCO F1.

With Flagship specs, 6+ inch notch screen and affordable pricing, this device is aimed at the gamers who don't want to spend a lot of money on high-end smartphones.
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In this post, we will answer the most commonly / frequently asked questions about the POCO F1.
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So let's begin.

What is the price of the POCO F1 in India?The actual price will be revealed tomorrow. However, I expect the device to be priced around Rs 20 - 25,000/-. I think it will be launched to directly compe…

Best Night mode apps on Android - Blue Light Filter | Tech Tips

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We all love using our smartphones a lot. From the moment we wake up to the final moments of our day when our eyes just can't stay open, we are mostly looking at our smartphone screens.

Be it for browsing the web, watching videos or other content, listening to music or reading an ebook, our smartphone screens enjoy the maximum attention of our eyes, even more than our loved ones, unfortunately.

Watching screens for such a long time can definitely have a negative impact on one's eyes, especially if you don't give your eyes a constant break in between.

It has also been found through varies studies that viewing the smartphone screens at night does affect the sleep cycle of people. 
The screen backlight is normally a white light which also has blue light as a component. This blue light is found to have affected sleep cycles as it prevents sleep-inducing hormones to be secreted. Hence, having a blue ligh…

Google Pixel 3 - best camera smartphone 2018? | Tech Talks

Despite being almost a year old, Google Pixel 2 is still one of the best camera smartphones one can buy today. Its really amazing how Google Pixel 2 camera handily beats the likes of Samsung and iPhone, both having a dual camera setup, with just a single camera.

It just goes on to prove the awesome work Google has done with its machine learning algorithms that churn out DSLR like image quality from a small single camera sensor.

And with the Google Pixel 3 launch just around the corner, there is little to no doubt that Google will exceed the camera performance of the previous generation pixel device. The image quality of the Google Pixel 3 camera will be second to none and will once again set new benchmarks in smartphone photography.

In this post, I will share 5 reasons, why I think the Google Pixel 3 will be the best camera smartphone of 2018.

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Improved Auto HDR+ Google has been ha…

How to Use HDR Mode on Android? | Tech Tips

When we are going to buy an Android phone, we usually don’t know much about its features and specifications. We often find goodies like HDR photos only later. But do you really know how to use HDR mode on your brand new Android well?

Not to worry too much, in fact only true photography enthusiasts know perfectly what the HDR means. In this guide I will show you how to best use this mode on your Android and, above all, I will suggest a couple of free apps for Android that are the best. You can play field tests at the end of this guide I bet you will be completely master of HDR photos and you can also boast to friends.

But I have to ask you one thing first: do you know what HDR is and what it means? Well, it’s only right to make a little preamble first, so you’ll understand what we’re talking about and you’ll be able to put my advice into practice even more successfully.

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What is HDR Mode?HDR stands for “High Dynamic Range Imaging“. For those who chew a little ‘English w…

How to Delete Images from iMessage on iOS 10/11/12 | Tech Tips

Delete Images from iMessage on iOS 10/11/12

All us iPhone users love using the iMessage app. Its expressive, feature packed and works seamlessly. As per official apple record, millions of iMessages are being sent and received daily, many of which are images.
Now, unlike WhatsApp and other messaging apps, iMessage does not compress the images. Rather it sends them in full resolution. So receiving multiple high-resolution images can lead to less storage space available on your device. 
Hence it is a good practice to delete old and unnecessary images from iMessages to free up space. This guide will help you do just the same.

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Delete via Message AppA solution you can take to delete images from iMessage on iOS 10/11/12 is using the iMessage app. There are a few downsides of doing this but it’s very effective and easy to do.
Step #1 - U…